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The worst part of New York fashionweek? The cold breeze and the temperature, -8°.
The best part of New York fashionweek? The snow that covered the whole city making it a winter wonderland, perfect location for photos 🙂
Here is another one of my looks, completely in black and white. My hair was once again done by Redken, for which I’m for the second year the global fashion ambassador, and super proud of my “title” 🙂

La parte peggiore della fashionweek di New York? Il vento gelido ed i più o meno costanti -8°.
La parte migliore della fashionweek di New York? La neve che ha coperto tutta la città rendendola completamente bianca ed una perfetta location per le foto 🙂
Ecco un altro dei miei look, completamente bianco e nero. I capelli sono come sempre stati pettinati da Redken, per cui per il secondo anno sono global fashion ambassador, e fierissima del mio ruolo 🙂

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

172 Responses to “Winter wonderland in New York”

    incredible look! I thought I had somewhat of an advantage prepping for NYFW since I am in UT and used to the extreme temperatures! But it was incredibly cold! Nevertheless you look beautiful! great look!

    Angie | http://www.thefashionfuse.com/

    Reply to Angie Wilson
  • I can’t argue with you on how beautiful the snow looks and is but Miami weather is where I’d like to be right now. Great pictures. Love them from 3girls1apple.com

    Reply to 3girls1apple
  • The contrast of black and white against the snow + the variety of textures is so so cool! Love your style! xx

    Reply to Eleanor

    Bel look, sei riuscita a rivisitare il classico bianco e nero (adoro quelle scarpe).
    Date un’occhiata al mio blog se vi va:)
    P.S. Non ti stanno ghiacciando le caviglie?
    What a great look, you make a classy black and white outfit look original (I love the shoes)
    Visit my blog http://www.welcometomysillylife97.blogspot.com
    P.S. Didn’t your ankles freeze?

    Reply to SillyGirl

    Go and have a look at HOW these coats are made!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to fe

    Bella ed elegante come sempre! anche se non ho idea di come tu faccia ad andare in giro senza calze e con quelle scarpe! Dovresti farci vedere un bel look da neve, per le più freddolose!

    Reply to Ely

    Quanti bei vestiti indossi…tutti fantastici.
    Sempre senza calze anche a -8? Come diavolo fai?

    Reply to Chiara
  • You look amazing, the location looks amazing! Snowy New York looks amazing, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t want to be in such temperatures anymore, I am so glad the weather is getting much warmer here in Germany.

    Reply to Petush

    Brrrrr – nackte Knöchel! Bis jetzt – ich besuche deinen Blog noch nicht so lange – ist es für mich das beste Outfit 🙂

    Reply to Iden
  • Hey Chiara !

    I think this post is one of the most beautiful of all your post, we can feel there is something betwen you and the photographer, and it’s perfect. And that’s why I comment it.
    Your face, your posture, your eyes, even the colors, are amazing.
    And the principal, I want to have all the clothes who are on those pictures.

    Real talent for you both!

    Thank you for that


    Reply to Clémence

    Le foto sono veramente bellissime! :0

    Reply to Maike

    Foto stupende, look sempre impeccabile! Complimenti

    Reply to Ila tu
  • That’s such a beautiful outfit. Love the whole black and white look photographed in the snow. The perfect location! xx

    Reply to Rebecca
  • I would say that this look is not a look that I probably would wear, but I like to see it on you. The coat is pretty nice, and the whole pic background (snow, trees and light) really gives him more importance. congrats.

    xx Fifi

    Reply to Fifi

    Questo look mi piace da morire!! Le scarpe favolose!

    Reply to S
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