As you may recall, it all started last March in Basel when Calvin Klein Watches + Jewlery announced the contest dedicated to young talents and for which I have been nominated a jury member. Then, in these months, 9 students of the Institute of Design IED had the opportunity to personally design a collection of watches and jewelry that would reflect the spirit and values ​​of CK. The guidelines they were inspired from were: Minimalism geometry – Architectural urban modernity, Sporty chic and Soft shade – feminine elegance.
A few days ago, I was able to see the creations of all the guys and I must say that I was impressed by the passion and commitment they injected in their works. Along with Laura Burdese (President of Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry), Ulrich Grimm (Creative Director of Calvin Klein’s Men’s & Women’s Shoes & Accessories) and ELLE Italy, we evaluated all the works and we have decreed the ones that stood out for their originality and who best reflected the brand’s DNA.
During the awards ceremony, Laura Burdese announced the winners who I’m so happy to reveal:
1) Ilaria Tartarelli with “Cosmopolitan Elegance”
2) Vanni Pesciallo with “Reveal”
3) Valerio Bava with “Metempsychosis”
Super congratulations to everyone and especially to the first classified who has won the most important award: she will be able to see realized her collection that will be also exhibited in 2015 at Baselworld, the worldwide most important watch and jewelry fair. The second and third prize winners won a scholarship offered by Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry. The project does not end here because the project will be extended simultaneously in Asia and the U.S., respectively, with the Donghua University in Shanghai and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.
I’m delighted to have been able to support this project that shows how often the talents are hidden even among the youngest minds! Never stop chasing your dreams with passion and commitment. You guys are writing your own story.

Come ricorderete, tutto è iniziato lo scorso marzo a Basilea quando Calvin Klein Watches + Jewlery ha annunciato il concorso dedicato ai giovani talenti e per il quale sono stata nominata giurata ufficiale. Così, in questi mesi 9 studenti dell’Istituto di design IED hanno avuto la possibilità di disegnare personalmente una collezione orologi e gioielli che rispecchiasse lo spirito e i valori di CK. Le linee guida a cui si sono potuti ispirare sono state: Minimalism geometry – Architectural urban modernity, Sporty chic e Soft shade – feminine elegance.
Pochi giorni fa ho potuto vedere le creazioni di tutti i ragazzi e devo dire che sono stata colpita dalla loro passione e dall’impegno di tutti. Insieme a Laura Burdese (Presidente Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry), Ulrich Grimm (Creative Director di Calvin Klein’s Men’s & Women’s Shoes & Accessories) e ELLE Italia, abbiamo valutato tutti i lavori e abbiamo decretato quelli che si sono maggiormente distinti per originalità e che hanno rispecchiato al meglio il DNA del Brand.
Durante la cerimonia di premiazione, Laura Burdese ha annunciato i vincitori che son felicissima di svelarvi:
1) Ilaria Tartarelli con il progetto “Cosmopolitan Elegance”
2) Vanni Pesciallo con “Reveal”
3) Valerio Bava con “Metempsychosis”
Super complimenti a tutti quanti e soprattutto alla prima classificata che si è aggiudicata il premio più importante, ovvero la possibilità di veder realizzata la propria collezione che sarà esposta nel 2015 a Baselworld, il Salone dell’orologeria e gioielleria più importante a livello internazionale. Il secondo e il terzo classificato hanno vinto una borsa di studio offerta da Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry. Il progetto non finisce qua perché dopo l’Europa il progetto si estenderà contemporaneamente in Asia e in Usa, rispettivamente con la Donghua University di Shanghai e il Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) di New York City.
Sono stata felicissima di aver potuto supportare questa iniziative che mostra come i talenti spesso si nascondano anche tra i più giovani! Non smettete mai di inseguire i vostri sogni con impegno e passione. Siete solo voi a scrivere la vostra storia.

ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry together with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry togethere with IED 23/6/2014 Milano
ck watches & Jewelry together with IED 23/6/2014 Milano

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti + courtesy from Calvin Klein

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    Hi Chiara. The top you’re wearing is very fashion and in, but the trousers… What??!! Suits you so badly. None should wear that thing.

    Reply to Sofia
  • You are so beautiful! I am so glad your life is full of success!
    Hug from France <3

    Paola from french-me.blogspot.com

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  • Complimenti per il vestito, è bellissimo !

    Credo che qualsiasi donna sulla faccia della terra ama e desidera il vestito su misura per lei e in linea con il proprio stile … questo vestito è un esempio !

    Fin dagli albori della storia, la donna ha sempre indossato vestiti che la facessero sentire raffinata, elegante e consona all’occasione o all’evento.

    Per gli aperitivi in riva al mare con questo vestito non c’è l’imbarazzo della scelta!


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    beautiful makeup!!!!

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    I don’t like how this trousers fits, but I really like the top!

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  • I prefer gold but it’s still great!


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  • LOVE this look and what a great opportunity! So awesome Chiara <3

    Reply to Melissa

    These are the best photos of you so far! Three words: beautiful, elegant, classy. You possess the rare ability to inject into the minds and hearts of people a lot of your natural optimism and ardour just by looking at the camera! This makes me happy and cures for a moment my natural pessimism. And I’ll abstain now from analysing some of your thoughts which made me jumpy, just to cherish this pleasant feeling. I’ll do it later, maybe.

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    What does your tattoo say on your rib? Not the “luce” the other one?? Great post btw.

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  • Gorgeous Chiara! You look amazing and the total black… just perfect
    Your taste is incredible I really like this post and all.


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  • Nice look! I really like the gold detail on the top. I wouldn’t wear those pants myself because I think they’re a little bit too big but they suit you. That judging sounds like a lot of fun!
    Would you like to check out my blog?

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