Here at TBS Crew, we are specialized in one thing: we are excellent at chasing rainbows. We just daydream, setting ourselves no limits, thinking that actually, we will definitely find a way to make our ideas reality, one day. And it often happens, truly: we make our dreams come true. That might be why we are always walking on air, because we are so happy to be working towards a common goal. Even if we are so different from one another, the girls in the crew especially — each with her own style, her own personality — we still agree on the essentials, as well as little things… Like a pair of shoes, for instance.

One gloomy afternoon, we had some fun recreating some moments of our day using 3 iconic designs from the Nike universe: the memorable Air Max 90, the Air Max 1 and the brand new Vapormax, the most symbolic models of the Air Max technology. Which one do you most identify with?

Pics by Lorenzo Sampaolesi
Makeup and Hair: Barbara Bonazza

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