COVER AMAZONThere are a lot of women here at TBS Crew, and each of us has their own style and characteristics. Even if we all get inspiration from our favorite style icons, as well as from one another, we always make sure we give our own personal touch to any trend or objects, to stay true to our own, unique selves! This is why, when Chiara became the testimonial for Amazon Fashion’s new campaign, she spread a really strong message, Look Like You, Don’t Look Like Me! and she asked her followers to share the outfits they are proud of with the hashtag #looklikeyouWe decided to take up the challenge too: we challenged ourselves to choosing one item of 3 out of Chiara’s selection, and then trying to interpret it according to our personal style. Want to see the results? Check out the gallery! Which look is the closest to your dress sense? And how about you, what item would you have picked, and how would you have matched it?

We are wearing:


Pics by Stefano Carloni
Hair & Makeup by Cristina Marzo

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