Ca' del Bosco

On Sunday morning TBS Crew and part of Chiara’s family left for a weekend in Franciacorta, guests of Ca’ del Bosco. Spending a couple of days all together was so nice!
Divided into 3 cars and after about an hour drive (with some glitches due to the usual latecomer), we arrived in a beautiful place immersed in greenery: the Cantina Ca’ del Bosco. A structure surrounded by lush vine, where buildings blend with the colors of nature to minimize the impact of man on land and where at first glance you can immediately notice the great attention of the company in the effort of finding the perfect mix between tradition and innovation. Ca’ del Bosco is in fact a pioneer of technology applied to the wine industry…but we’ll find this out only later…with a full belly! They welcomed us with a light vegetarian lunch and wine tasting during which we started to realize that they’re products have an edge over others. The reason became clear only afterwards during our visit to their cellars: it was interesting to know that some bottles have to rest for not less than 2 years before being ready to be sold…in the world of wine there is no short way! Furthermore, the Ca’del Bosco method is special because every step shows the love of the family for wine. Their grapes, after being harvested, undergo some kind of beauty treatment in a sort of “Grapes Spa”, where they are whirlpool bathed to wash away any impurity. Not a bad treatment at all! ;). Around 6 PM we moved to the hotel, an amazing place we immediately fell in love with: the Cappuccini Resort, a romantic hotel built in an old 16th century monastery. We slept in what once were the friars cells! We didn’t want to miss the sunset, so we head to a beautiful terrace overlooking the Brescia countryside and a deconsecrated church for a toast. After the sunset we went to the restaurant Sirani, where we enjoyed great gourmet pizzas and went to Areadocks right afterwords, a concept store-bar where, at midnight, we celebrated the 6th anniversary of TheBlondeSalad.

Waking up the morning after, immersed in nature was wonderful! After breakfast we headed to the hotel’s Spa, where we spent hours of true relax between massages, sauna and Turkish bath.For lunch, we made our way back to the Cantina Ca’ del bosco where a meticulously arranged amazing picnic in the garden was awaiting us: baskets with delicious sandwiches, crunchy vegetables, vegan cookies, lots of fruit…and very good wine of course!  Warmed by the sun (yes, the weather has been especially kind to us during this weekend!) and charmed by the atmosphere we relaxed deeply and before leaving the cellars, we enjoyed a walk  among the wonderful works of art all around the propriety. Maurizio Zanella is a great sculpture enthusiast and both in the garden and the outdoor spaces you can admire works of contemporary artists like Arnaldo Pomodoro (who created the amazing gate of Ca’ del Bosco that welcomes visitors at the entrance of the complex), Spirito Costa, Bruno Romeda and Stefano Bombardieri. An open-air gallery. Then, some of us went to the Crazy Horse riding stable for a little horseback riding…a new experience for some members of our Crew that touched us and excited us. We ended this beautiful weekend with a dinner altogether at Priore, a restaurant that serves typical dishes from Brescia, which gained everyone ‘s approval. Our suggestion? The tangerine sorbet: absolutely to be tried! At 11 pm we started heading back home. We spent two perfect days…a little rest was much needed after this month of Fashion Weeks! We love Franciacorta!


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