«Guys: Romy is not answering, I think she didn’t hear the alarm!». That’s how our weekend on the snow begins: with an organizational panic alert. Outside Chiara’s house, crammed in three cars with our luggage, we’re half awake ( after all it’s 8 AM on a Saturday) but we’re excited for what’s ahead of us: a couple of days of skiing, spa, walks and excellent food in La Thuile, in the Val d’Aosta region. Everything is perfect, except for a little detail: we are 20 minutes late on our schedule because getting together it’s not as easy as it might seem – well, there is 13 of us! – and there’s always a hitch. But this time things are a little easier; Romy is awake and she simply left her phone on silent, so in less than 5 minutes we are ready to go. The trip goes smooth and in just more than 2 hours we arrive at the Nira Montana, the amazing resort where we’ll relax until Monday. There’s not much snow but we won’t let that get us: we’re hungry and can’t wait to eat typical dishes and then enjoy the spa. Not bad for December Saturday, right?! At the Taverna Coppapan we give all we got: we share trays of appetizers and literally try everything on the menu while we toast to the sunny day. If the lunch is amazing, the Nira Montana jacuzzi overlooking the mountains is a true dream that is worth the early rise alone. Hammam, sauna, pool and relax area are the ideal prelude to another great binge. After all, we need to gather some energy for the day on the slopes that is awaiting us!


And soon arrives Sunday: the meeting is at 9 AM but some of us stay in bed longer since they won’t ski. The others, more familiar with skis, take advantage of the first snow (that at 2500 meters of altitude is definitely there) to let loose on the slopes of La Thuile, the same ones that will host the 2016 Ladies Ski World Cup. Some have a past of professional skier, others have been skiing since they were kids, and the rest don’t do too bad although they haven’t been doing it for years. What’s sure, is that we look fantastic all together speeding downs the slopes all coordinated thanks to Head that provided us with all the technical gear for our day on the show (have you watched the video we’ve uploaded on the @tbscrew Instagram account shot in real time during our downhill skiing?). At 1 PM we alla gather, skiers and non skiers, for another wonderful lunch at Le Mélèze, a lodge-restaurant right on the slopes that prepared for us a menu of local dishes. After lunch, more skiing and then sauna, Turkish bath and ham again, while some of us prefer walking around the resort and others…just sleep 😉 . The dinner is very relaxed: we eat traditional dishes revisited with a contemporary twist at the Nira Montana restaurant, followed by herbal teas or sweet wine while warmed by the fire in the hall, chatting and browsing through the beautiful photographic books available to the guests of the hotel. We say goodbye a little after midnight and decide to meet at the gym or at breakfast to then head back to Milan. The last hard work week before the holidays awaits us…but this weekend in the mountains was a great way of recharging our batteries. TBS loves La Thuile!

La Thuile

Nira Montana


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