This summer me and a group of friends decided to rent a boat and travel around the greek islands.
We took of from Bodrum, Turkey, and travelled around all the Cyclades islands till Mykonos. We arrived in Mykonos around the 12th of August and stayed there 4 days in order to be able to enjoy the glamorous lifestyle of the island. From there we visited the lovely Paros and Antiparos where the sea is nothing but ordinary. On our way back to Bodrum we stopped at the unknown Koufonissi which I highly advise for crystal water and untouched island. It has been a perfect match of a relax holiday and a social one as we managed to meet up with friends in every island we were stopping. The secret to have the best boat trip holiday? Good company, good food and a very chilled attitude;) My secret of this boat trip holiday? My boyfriend asked me to marry him <3

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