Since I moved to Barcelona, I basically have not spent a weekend without going to the beach, joining the locals in their super chill, very Spanish lifestyle. Feeling like I am on holiday became a constant temptation in my new life! Which might be why I didn’t feel the need to take my time off in one big chunk, and rather decided to spread them over the summer months, for the first time. My adventure started with some friends and my boyfriend in Minorca, a wonderful island, with the clearest sea I have ever seen and some paradise little bays that you can only visit on foot. I never really found out the name of my favorite bay — that is so me! — but what I can tell you is this: from Cala Turqueta we walked for 45 minutes along a cliff on the beach, to find this beautiful, secluded corner, with the clearest sea, and have it all to ourselves.
After Minorca, with the start of summer and festival season, Barcelona became a second home for a lot of my friends, and for a month in a row I just enjoyed the city at its best, with everything it has to offer: sangria, beach life, parties and long sunsets with beautiful colors 🙂 August came and for the first time I found myself with no plan. We panicked a little, so we decided to just get a flight to another Spanish island, Fuerteventura. Sadly, we were so tired when we bought the tickets that we booked the wrong dates, and instead of having 10 days on the island, we ended up getting 20, and wondered whether that wasn’t too long for just the one location.
So we decided to change our flight dates, and decided October could be an excellent time for Fuerteventura. That solved our Fall getaway question, but still didn’t solve the problem of, what do we do this August? We really had no ideas. A week later, though, we got a last minute ticket to Ibiza and Formentera and left for a week, to celebrate my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. Formentera can be described in one word: it’s marvellous. I think it’s one of my favorite spots in the world, and even if it might sound hard to believe we managed to find remote, wild, quiet places, in the middle of nowhere, even in August. It was fantastic, all we needed was romantic sunsets, turquoise seas, a holiday from wi-fi, and paella in our favorite restaurant. We stayed in a small guesthouse with no name, which was recommended to us by a local lady we met there. It was awesome! Another special place for me is A mi manera, an Italian restaurant on Formentera. It’s a surreal, magical place — it’s open air and it looks like a secret garden, lit by candle light and string lights. I had never been anywhere so romantic and pretty — I will definitely be back. <3 I had so many adventures and they were all organised at the last minute! 😉 PS: I will tell you about Fuerteventura when I come back from there!
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