The Blonde Salad Christmas Party

«A Holidays party? Why not! Let’s do it!!!»  Here at TBS, that’s how the coolest things are born…as a game, for a passion or an intuition. Then, we work all together to make them happen and after a couple of weeks, we were able to welcome a selection of special guests in the wonderful setting of the Park Hyatt in Milan and toast to the holidays all together while holding a cup (actually more than just one…after all it was a party!) by Cà del Bosco. How did the evening go? Find out in the pictures below: between a laugh and a hug, let’s see if you can recognize all of us and our friends too!

Pics by Filippo Tagliabue

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  • Wow! Chiara, you can be sooooo proud of all of this you have achieved ! Incredible. Your team and TBS just keeps growing and that is so cool. Congrats on everything.

    Best from Berlin
    x Gitta

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