We realize the value of time in our lives on Mondays especially, when the time comes to go back to work after two days of freedom, and we feel like dying at the sole idea of leaving our bed. The only thing that can save us is to do something we like, in a place that feels like home, one way or another. This is how we feel at TBS: when we get to the office on Monday morning, we might often feel down because we would rather be relaxing on our couch at home, but we are also happy to be getting together again, to start the week. We are all connected by different relationships: some of us were already friends before they joined TBS, others became friends with their coworkers.

Giorgia and Francesca have also been friends for a long, long time. Giorgia was the first of the two to start working at TBS, and when we felt the need for someone trustworthy to take care of our administration, Francesca was our first, natural choice. Now they spend the whole day together, and when they are done with work, they go out for aperitif!

Greg and Vince met through Chiara, and now they are very close friends. Bicycles are their latest shared passion. Both of them cycle a lot in town, in winter, too… And now that the weather is nice, warm and sunny, they come to work on their bikes.

Francesca and Martina were brought together by boxing, a new passion they share. Both of them are a little lazy, but they also have strong, decisive personalities, which is why this fighting style is just right for them. It helps them release stress, and energizes them, helping them start the week with some moxie!

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