Giorgia Volpi

If you see someone on the phone, walking in circles like a fish in his bowl (that’s what I like to call my office), that’s me! In TBS for a couple of years now, I deal with mountains of paper and excel files. My room is the Crew’s confessional and the one with the most comfy couch, for sure! Hailing from Veneto and proud to, I’m never silent nor still, I try and evangelize with my passion for hip hop, I’m a fan of 4pm snacks and can’t say no to a good prank… My team is my second family! Before office hours you can find me at the park for a run or at the studio for a pilates (or yoga) lesson. After, I’ll be drinking a glass of wine, while weekends are devoted to discovering new places (after all, #NeverStop is our motto)! Last but not least, I’m a proud mama to small Cesare, my pomeranian!