Fashion - March 6, 2020


Among the accessories that have been more successful on the catwalk during these last fashion weeks, there is a new entry that has made a lot of talk about itself: the water bottle bag. Combining the concept of utility with that of fashion, the water bottle has already been considered for some seasons a must-have accessory which, moreover, let’s not forget it, is a symbol of a daily gesture that we can do to safeguard our planet. In fact, let’s remember that despite the trendy connotation it has taken on, the water bottle fights waste and helps to decrease the rate of plastic that is so bad for our planet. It is therefore nothing new that the brands have decided to ride this wave right?

In the Fall/Winter 2020 fashion shows, as we anticipated, the bottle holder was presented in all respects as the It-Bag of the moment. But what is the boundary to which this trend can be pushed? The high-end proposals of the bottle holder bag are many: Kenzo, Chloè, Marine Serre, Jacquemus, Vivienne Westwood, Prada and even Chanel, who have proposed it in a handbag or shoulder bag, belt bag, with unusual chains and textures. The colours follow the trends of the moment: khaki, mud, black and wisteria among the must-have ones. As super cool as they are though, is it right that a utilitarian product and that above all should push you to take steps to safeguard our planet is sold at super luxury prices? The speech does not apply to everyone attention: Prada and Vivienne Westwood, always icons of luxury, sell their bottle holder bags at absolutely affordable prices, others like Chanel instead maintain the prices that are usually used for bags. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to make a distinction? One thing is certain, whatever the water bottle bag you will buy, get ready to use it instead of your favourite bag or why not, following the trend of accessories layering to use it as a second shoulder strap!

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