People - June 12, 2020


Fans of fantasy get ready to rejoice, Artemis Fowl is finally available on Disney +! Controversial, highly anticipated and enigmatic, Artemis Fowl is the first post-pandemic film production, but finally, the moment everyone was waiting for has arrived: from today, Artemis Fowl is streaming worldwide on Disney +! But what is it about?

Based on the books of the Eoin Colfer saga, Artemis Fowl is the new great production of the acclaimed director Kenneth Branagh, also involved in masterpieces such as Thor or Iron Man 2. What about the cast? Composed mainly of emerging actors, the cast also presents some goodies such as Judy Dench in the role of commander Root and Colin Farrell, in the role of the father of the protagonist. But let’s get to the most important part! Who is Artemis Fowl and what’s the plot? Artemis Fowl is the descendant of a long line of criminal minds as well as a brilliant twelve-year-old billionaire who uses crime to earn money. Artemis will become the protagonist of a fantastic and compelling adventure as he tries to find his mysteriously disappeared father, using the help of his bodyguard.

During the searches, Artemis will have to kidnap a fairy who will lead him into a magical and unexplored world. In particular, the events of Artemis will take place in an ancient hidden civilization inhabited by fairies, a place where the much-loved dad is supposedly held, prisoner. Here Artemis will face a very dangerous power that will involve him in a unique cunning duel.

Artemis Fowl‘s character has already breached the hearts of fantasy freaks! The perfect Man in Black 2.0 style made of suit & tie and dark shades has already made him an iconic character. Will it be the umpteenth occasion in which success is achieved by a very young boy? One of our favourite champions, Claudio Marchisio, is already set to find it out and you? Let’s look for it on Disney +!

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