Beauty - May 22, 2023

All the latest hair trends for him and her

Spring 2023 brings with it a number of irresistible hair trends that suit both men and women. Although the choice of cut depends on personal preference, the runways and fashion capitals have shown us some of the most popular styles of the moment. Let’s discover together the latest trends perfect for him and her.
Let’s start with the shaved cut, a popular choice for those who want an edgy, minimalist look. Both men and women can opt for this option to achieve a flawless, cutting-edge look.
The mullet, with its distinctive length in the back and short sides accompanied by unruly wisps at the top, is back in vogue. This style has won the hearts of many, thanks in part to the influence of many style icons. Hairstylists today offer different variations of the classic mullet, perhaps with a lighter shave and some special customizations.
In addition, 90s-inspired hair, such as the bob and center parting, are back in fashion. The center parting suits both men and women perfectly and is now being reinterpreted in a tousled way for a casual, contemporary look.
Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, hair inspired by this decade is back in style, and if you’ve always dreamed of having hair like Leonardo DiCaprio’s in “Titanic,” now is the perfect time to make that wish come true. Let your hair grow out and gently comb it backwards to achieve a hairstyle with nostalgic appeal, letting a few strands fall across your face and using a bit of hairspray to maintain the desired shape.

In addition to the trends already mentioned, we know of others that are depopulating especially among women in this spring 2023. The box bob is a much-loved look, a modern version of the classic bob, characterized by a length that reaches just above the shoulders, with sharp, geometric lines. It is an extremely versatile cut, suitable for different face types, giving a sophisticated and contemporary look. The long shag is a long, voluminous scaled cut that offers a vibrant texture and disheveled style, ideal for those seeking a more comfortable look. The blunt cut, on the other hand, with its even length and sharp lines, provides a clean, sophisticated look to any look. A completely different trend is braids, particularly recommended for afro hair. This millennial art form is a great way to creatively enhance and protect hair.
However, it is important to consult with a hair professional to get the cut and style you want. This spring, be bold and have fun with your hair, because they are what make you unique!
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