Beauty - April 22, 2021

All The Products For Head-To-Toe Hydration, Literally!

The heat is coming and to prepare us perfectly for summer, the watchword is only one: hydration! Giving the right amount of water to our body is essential to promote proper functionality and health and, although taking care of it from the inside on a daily basis is essential, there is a need for valid allies aimed at skin and hair! Hydration is one of the benefits to which most of the products of our love brands are dedicated, developed with ad hoc formulations and natural ingredients that not only deeply moisturize but contain extracts from nature that nourish the skin with the aid of essential super foods. We have collected for you our favorites among the new entries of the brands we love most, dedicating each one to a different part of the body, face, legs, hair, lips and nails included!

Vital Hydra Solution Eye Cream

WHAT: Moisturizing eye contour cream, rebalances the skin’s natural microbiome, illuminating and energizing the eye contour.

Moisturizing Face Cream

WHAT: Cream based on bakuchiol, squalane and Inca Inchi oil to deeply moisturize the skin of the face and smooth its texture

Hydrating Face Mask

WHAT: Moisturizing mask to create a barrier against pollutants, soothe and hydrate intensely thanks to the action of Hyaluronic Acid, Meringue Seeds and Portulaca Oleracea extracts

Seaweed Face Mask

WHAT: Hydrogel face mask based on seaweeds of marine origin for a concentrate of hydration

Hydrating Face Mist

WHAT: Moisturizing face spray to moisturize, refresh and protect the face from blue light

Hydrating Body Cream Cleanser

WHAT: Moisturizing body cleanser based on coconut oil and fermented sugar to cleanse and moisturize the skin

Unicorn Body Butter

WHAT: Creamy body butter based on Matcha, Acai, Chia and Rose

Hydrating Lip Balm

WHAT: Coconut based lip balm for very dry lips

Hydrating Nail Cream

WHAT: Apricot-based cream that softens cuticles and promotes nail growth

Marula Body and Hair Oil

WHAT: Cold-pressed Virgin Marula Oil to moisturize skin and hair

Moisturizing Shampoo

WHAT: Coconut-based moisturizing and anti-frizz shampoo

Hydrating Conditioner

WHAT: Super moisturizing thick balm based on yellow melon

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