Beauty - March 14, 2023

Kim Kardashian returns to the Mediterranean charm aesthetic

Mediterranean brown hair is very common among people of Mediterranean origin, as is well known. This hair colour is distinguished by its warm, shiny shade, ranging from different shades of brown to an intense, dark chocolate brown. Their main characteristic is their natural shine. These colour shades evoke the atmosphere of the Mediterranean with its deep blue sky, crystal clear sea, pastel-coloured houses and evergreen vegetation.

These colours are not only evocative from a landscape point of view, they also evoke a certain mood, and (of all) dark hair is able to adapt to many different haircuts and styles.


But what role does Kim Kardashian play in all this?

It is known that she is a leading figure in the world of fashion and beauty, especially when it comes to trends. Remember when Kim sported an iconic honey blonde at this year’s Art Basel in Miami? Everyone thought a new era had begun, but it seems that Kardashian’s honey blonde has already gone out of fashion. No one would have guessed that this colouring would only be a transition before returning to her natural colour. And you, how do you prefer her, blonde or brunette?

One of the main features of Kim’s new colouring is the special natural shine. However, it is important to pay attention to the care of your hair to keep it like hers. You should use shampoo and conditioner specifically for brown hair, containing nourishing ingredients to keep your hair moisturised and soft.

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