Chiara Ferragni - April 16, 2011

Mango event in Milan

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One of those nights to remember: the Mango event in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Milan. A big thanks from my heart to all the people who came for the smiles, the laughs, the sweet words and all the emotions that make me more proud each day of what I do.

Una di quelle serate da ricordare: l’evento di Mango in Corso Vittorio Emanuele a Milano. Grazie dal cuore a tutte le persone che sono venute per i sorrisi, le risate, le chiacchiere e le emozioni che mi rendono sempre più fiera di quello che faccio.

DSC_2113 copia

My friend Chiara joined me in Milan 🙂

DSC_2114 copia
DSC_2138 copia
DSC_2155 copia
DSC_2162 copia
DSC_2181 copia
DSC_2225 copia
DSC_2280 copia
DSC_2299 copia
DSC_2319 copia

Beatrice sei stata dolcissima 🙂

DSC_2198 copia
207478_10150225335520395_155318785394_9133453_6066977_n copia
217562_10150225337390395_155318785394_9133500_749315_n copia
221357_10150225337700395_155318785394_9133508_6641518_o copia
201966_10150225335385395_155318785394_9133448_1215581_o copia
217269_10150225337165395_155318785394_9133495_2695514_n copia
220653_10150225337455395_155318785394_9133501_376992_o copia
206716_10150225336465395_155318785394_9133478_4492538_n copia
218215_10150225337100395_155318785394_9133493_5133582_o copia
DSC_2364 copia
DSC_2374 copia
DSC_2391 copia
DSC_2422 copia
DSC_2434 copia
DSC_2441 copia
DSC_2460 copia
DSC_2467 copia
DSC_2484 copia
DSC_2476 copia
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I was wearing:


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