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Falling in love with Budapest in 48 hours: our guide to discover the city

Everyone knows love don’t come easy. And if meeting new people might be hard, technology is here to help us: Tinder can be the solution to meet someone new. Sure, you have to make a bit of an effort… Not this one, not this one, maybe that one, super like? Until you find someone you really like, and find out you might even have some friends in common. It’s worth a try! And you might not be so excited to meet up before the first date, you might be thinking, ah, he or she might look great on paper, but who knows… And then you meet, and you click immediately: it’s love at first sight! Well, this was how it was between us and Budapest. We knew it was a beautiful city, everyone had told us about it, but we never would have thought we would fall for it in a second. We fell hopelessly in love with it over just 48 hours, and since sharing is caring, we will tell you all about the good stuff about this match. Don’t worry, we are not jealous, we already know you will also fall in love with Budapest!

Physical attraction obviously matters, but if there is no connection, the romance won’t last. Saint Mathias’s church, with its high spires and colorful mosaic roof, was what started the sparkle between Budapest and us: we noticed it right at the beginning of our exploration. Have a walk along the walls on the hills of the old town and you will feel like you are on the set of Game of Thrones, go back to the lower part of town if you want to move back in time towards today, and take a selfie on the terrace of Saint Stephen’s basilica. Don’t miss the Synagogue, of course: the biggest in Europe, it is a very peculiar structure whose design was inspired by Christian churches, with an interior decorated by frescoes in geometric patterns, and Moorish vaults. If you have time, get tickets to enjoy a show at the marvelous Opera House (we had the privilege to visit it by ourselves on an evening off, enjoying a sparkly aperitif on a terrace that is usually closed to the public!) If you can’t go, for whichever reason, at least see their beautiful cafeteria, and don’t miss a trip to the washroom: the walls there tell many stories.

Once we realized our heart was beating a tad faster, there was another question to answer: will we have similar tastes? In food, of course! Imagine, your new match invites you for a nice dinner at their place: all you can do is pray all the gods of Hungary that you will be compatible. The answer is, yes we were, Budapest completely seduced our tastebuds. Our tour among the best restaurants in the city was very intense and satisfying, to say the least, and all the places we visited left a positive impression. Would you like to eat typical Hungarian fare, like goulash? Then, go to Baltazár. Feeling the sudden urge to eat a burger? Then ÉS Bisztró is the place to go.
If you want to taste the best foie gras, 21 Restaurant will be your destination. Trust us, it wasn’t easy to make everyone happy, since all of us like to eat, but one of us is very particular about what they eat, another has food allergies, and another doesn’t like sweets. Still, despite all this, Budapest didn’t disappoint any of us!

Even if we are no fashion victims, the way a person dresses definitely can make someone more or less charming to our eyes. What if Budapest’s style was not our thing? That was not the case: guided by our friend Festy, we toured the city, discovering the most interesting fashion brands in Hungary, and we fell in love with the minimalist, chic style of these brands, characterized by a simple yet complex sense of aesthetics, made of sleek lines and eye-catching details. Pay a visit to the Nanushka monobrand store, where even the most basic items like high-necked pullovers and jackets have a chic allure thanks to the smart of use of materials — such as tech-linen, which doesn’t get crumpled and is therefore perfect for travelling — and their sophisticated designs that got even Gigi Hadid to fall in love with one of their dresses. If you want something cool, that follows catwalks trends, go to USE Unused: their little dresses are feminine and casual, and they will catch everyone’s eye.

Will he snore? Will he be a restless sleeper? Will we curl up in our sleep? Will I be comfortable in his bed? The first time you stay over at someone’s place is never easy, and sleeping comfortably is always a good sign of harmony with a partner. Once again, Budapest did not disappoint us. We chose the city’s most historic hotel, the Pest-Buda, which recently reopened after a renovation that took care of its 17th century structure, integrating these elements into a modern and current dimension, literally winning our hearts. Fornasetti wallpaper, small SMEG fridges and contemporary art are in every room, decorated with furnishings that mix industrial design and retro styles, a blend that makes the hotel welcoming and cool at the same time. The location is perfect: it is located in Buda, up high, and it will offer you magic moments during summer nights, when you stop by on the city walls after a beautiful evening out, to admire the glittering landscape of the city. Very romantic.

We understand you might want to dress up for your first date, it’s something we would do, too. Luckily, one of Budapest’s traditions is the perfect blend of beauty and relaxation… We are talking about thermal baths. Go to the Gellert baths to dive into the past, between thermal waters, mosaics and massage that will completely revitalize you. For a facial treatment, and a bit of beauty shopping, visit Omorovicza, the shop of a historic brand founded in the Hungarian capital, which made thermal water the focus point of its luxury skin care collection, perfect to spice up your beauty routine.

So, are you ready to fall in love?

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