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Discover Italy on foot: the 7 most beautiful hiking paths

After a crazy hot summer (in Italy at least), temperatures are finally dropping back to regular levels, and we are ready to peel ourselves off that couch, and to part from our new best friend, aircon. Enough! It’s time to go out, especially because September days are the best to start again with outdoor sports! There’s one activity that everyone seems to like, since it unites physical activity and tourism, and that is hiking. Walking along beautiful paths, discovering amazing landscapes that only Italy can offer, can be a true gift for your body and your soul. So, get your notebooks out, and get ready to note down the best hiking paths in Italy according to TBS!

Parco Nazionale del Paradiso
Nature, clean air, absolute silence and groundhogs will be keeping you company during you walk. You will find beautiful landscapes with 360-degree views on the Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa, Cervino and Mont Blanc mountains — to name just a few.

Camogli to Portofino
After a mountain path, here is a seaside one… And you can’t even imagine the beauty of this sea! The Liguria coast is among the most beautiful in Italy, and this 10-km path will make you fall in love with it… Even more.

Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods)
This one is in the South, in the Campania region, to be precise. This path is about 8km long, and it reaches high altitudes, testing your courage. But as people say, no pain no gain, and the view of Capri on the horizon will definitely make it worth it.

Valle di Selvaromana
Even though many prefer having this hike in Winter, we think that Autumn is the best time to walk it. Wild woods, high canyons, untouched green nature and chamois goats roaming free: these are the main elements of the landscape you will find yourselves in front of here.

Sentiero dei limoni (The path of Lemon Trees)
What comes to mind if we say “lemons”? Yes, that’s right: we are talking about the Costiera Amalfitana, and the wonderful path that crosses it. It owes its name to the scent of lemons that will please your senses while trekking… As for the landscape, well, let us just say that this path made it onto the list of the 50 best hiking paths in the world.

Parco delle Madonie
Let’s move further South, down to beautiful Sicily. This itinerary crosses through several villages, and it makes for a very, very interesting path, with lots of typically Mediterranean fauna and flora. And if you feel tired… You can take a break on the beaches nearby!

 Trekking del Lupo (Trek of the Wolves)
This path covers an area that stretches over the Parco delle Alpi Marittime in Piedmont, Italy, and the Parc du Mercantour, in France. On this path, you will find forests, lakes, and unforgettable views. And of course, while trekking, you will also get the chance to watch wolves, and the way they live.

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