Fashion - September 20, 2023


Naomi, Christy, Cindy and Linda: four names that encapsulate an era. The Super Models recounted in the docuseries available from today on Apple TV+ are the women who enchanted the world, walked the most important catwalks and posed for the most prestigious campaigns shot by the photographers who wrote the history of fashion photography.

Why are these women still able to keep us glued in front of a screen? The series produced by Imagine Documentaries and One Story Up and directed by Oscar-winner Roger Ross Williams and Larissa Bills explains just that through the voices of the protagonists themselves, retracing every step of their careers, from the beginnings between castings in the Big Apple to the big reunion wanted by Donatella Versace in 2017.

Christy Turlington the classic beauty, Naomi Campbell the fierce beauty, Cindy Crawford the quintessential American girl and Linda Evangelista the chameleon: these were they in the fashion system of those years that, from the accounts of those who lived them, seem mythological. They were not manufactured roles, there were no strategies but only the ability to transform an opportunity into success, the gift of an undeniable beauty into power.





So that world we have seen on the covers of Vogue and the other most glossy fashion magazines and heard in so many TV specials takes on a new narrative. Because today these four women are an institution and this gives an inevitable guarantee of authenticity.

However, The Super Models is also a tale of sisterhood that starts in the mid-1980s and arrives at today, not a figurative today, but at this very moment, as this article is being published, with the start of a new Milan Fashion Week, when they realised that unity would be strength, the super models began to ask to be hired all with the same treatment, without discrimination, and those were years in which – despite the fact that they were all able to generate a large flow of money – it was very easy to suffer.

So many guest stars recount the ferment of those fashion capitals that form the backdrop to the stories of the four protagonists, from the photographers who shot them to the designers who chose them as muses to David Fincher who directed them in the iconic video Freedom! 90 by George Michael, marking the dawn of an important new decade that radically transformed the fashion system and propelling four girls with a dream, straight into the Olympus of divinities.

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