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5 celebrities who follow a vegan diet (and make a business of it!)

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Veganism doesn’t just seem to be a healty trend among Hollywood stars but now it’s an actual business. The news are a  few days old: After a long and strict vegan diet, American singer Beyoncé  decided to launch a start-up with her fitness trainer and physiologist Marco Borges called 22 days of nutrition and it is dedicated to vegan food.  The website will provide you with a delivery vegan meal  for 21 days only, and at the 22nd day you can decide wether to continue or stop. This diet, according to the popstar and her doctor, is not only for those who want to lose weigh and be healthier, but also for people who simply want to try a new type of nutrition. Beyoncé is determined and declares: «If I can do it, anyone can».  We selected 5 celebrities who joined this new lifestyle: check out the differences in their experiences.

Anne-HathawayAnne Hathawaythe actress was famous for being one of the most inflexible and rigorous vegans and she always asked for “cruelty free food” on the set of her movies. But during the rehearsals of Inquisitir she decided to give up, admitting that the Vegan diet was sapping all her energy and that she didn’t feel good or healthy at all. From that moment on she said goodbye to veganism, forever.

Natalie-PortmanNatalie Portman: the Oscar winner  is a vegetarian from her childhood and after reading a book she decided to become a vegan. She almost gave up when she was pregnant admitting that she ate some egg biscuits, but after that she’s back, stricter and more determined than ever.

serena venus williamsSerena and Venus Williams: the story of the two tennis queens is quite different from the others, because they decided to adopt the vegan diet after discovering that Venus was affected by a chronic and alarming syndrome (Sjogren syndrome) that forced the champion to abandon her carrier. Therefore she had to change her eating habits and now, with the passing of time and this new diet she regained her energy and went back to the  tennis court with her sister Serena, that was happy to turn vegan herself.

Brad pittBrad Pitt: he is considered one of the symbols of the vegan diet, he is an ardent animal rights activist and he declares that he absolutely hates when his wife, Angelina Jolie, and his children eat animal based products. Angelina tried to follow his diet but gave up very very soon.

princePrince: the ecleptic singer declared that since he was a child, he detested eating red meat and around the 90’s he switched to a vegan diet. People around him say that he runs a very strict vegan lifestyle and you know what? He has been nominated the World’s Sexiest vegetarian.


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