Lifestyle - June 6, 2023


The future has never seemed so close. The Apple Vision Pro is the big news unveiled yesterday at Apple’s WWDC23 in Cupertino. It is Apple’s first mixed reality (augmented and virtual) visor. This Apple device has been talked about for several years, it was known to be in the works, and it has finally become a reality. The design, as always at Apple, is definitely eye-catching – Apple Vision Pro may remind one of a very cool ski mask and is more appealing than its competitors.

The front of the device is made of glass with an outward-facing screen that perfectly mimics the wearer’s gaze to make interactions with the people around you more natural. The inside of the visor, on the other hand, includes two screens with 4K resolution, one for each eye and the processor. Attached to the viewer is a fabric sheath to make it fit snugly around the face and an elastic band to hold around the head. The various components are customizable, and there are special lenses for people wearing prescription glasses.

Vision Pro creates an infinite canvas for applications that transcends the boundaries of a traditional display and introduces a fully three-dimensional user interface controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs possible: the user’s eyes, hands and voice. Featuring visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system, Vision Pro enables users to interact with digital content in a way that feels like being physically present in their space. Vision Pro’s revolutionary design features an ultra-high-resolution display system with 23 million pixels across two screens and customized Apple silicon in a unique dual-chip design to ensure that every experience seems to unfold in front of the user’s eyes in real time.





“Oggi inizia una nuova era per l’informatica”, ha dichiarato Tim Cook, CEO di Apple. “Così come il Mac ci ha introdotto all’informatica personale e l’iPhone all’informatica mobile, Apple Vision Pro ci introduce all’informatica spaziale. Costruito sulla base di decenni di innovazioni Apple, Vision Pro è anni avanti e diverso da qualsiasi cosa creata prima, con un nuovo sistema di input rivoluzionario e migliaia di innovazioni rivoluzionarie. Questo sblocca esperienze incredibili per i nostri utenti e nuove entusiasmanti opportunità per i nostri sviluppatori”.

Apple Vision Pro porta una nuova dimensione al personal computing, cambiando il modo in cui gli utenti interagiscono con le loro app preferite, catturano e rivivono i ricordi, godono di spettacoli televisivi e film mozzafiato e si connettono con gli altri in FaceTime. Una tela infinita per le app al lavoro e a casa: visionOS presenta un’interfaccia tridimensionale che libera le app dai confini del display, in modo che possano apparire una accanto all’altra in qualsiasi scala. Apple Vision Pro consente agli utenti di essere ancora più produttivi, grazie a una superficie dello schermo infinita, all’accesso alle app preferite e a modalità inedite di multitasking. Inoltre, grazie al supporto per Magic Keyboard e Magic Trackpad, gli utenti possono creare l’area di lavoro perfetta o portare le potenti funzionalità del proprio Mac all’interno di Vision Pro in modalità wireless, creando un enorme display 4K privato e portatile con testi incredibilmente nitidi.

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