Lifestyle - July 29, 2020

Minnie Mouse And Daisy Duck Land On Disney Plus It!

Choosing which side to go when talking about Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck is a drama that has plagued us since we were children! One is more instinctive, sentimental and irreverent, the other romantic, chic and understanding. We who know Disney cartoons by heart have decided to remove all doubts and make a complete identikit based on the character, style and personality of the iconic Minnie on one side, and the explosive Daisy on the other! Further confirmation? Well, obviously the episodes in streaming on Disney +  dedicated to our most iconic muses! What are you waiting for?


Minnie’s character takes its name from the diminutive of Minerva, an imaginary cartoon character created by Walt Disney. Minnie Mouse is famous for being the iconic and unforgettable girlfriend of Mickey Mouse. But do you remember when Minnie first appeared on the big screen? The character made its debut for the first time in the short film Plane Crazy and from the 1930s to the 1940s it became a true icon in the world of comics around the world. Graphically Minnie has been designed identical to Mickey Mouse but with more feminine somatic features such as long eyelashes. As the only dress, she wore a short skirt, initially in a solid colour from where you could see the classic lace underwear of the time. Over the years Minnie has undergone a graphic evolution: in the 1940s the skirt took on polka dot shades typical of the fashion of the time, above it was designed the iconic top with balloon sleeves, a large bow on the head and the Red lipstick. The bow has always been the element that most characterizes it, it is in fact also present in all its subsequent dress changes. Minnie has always appeared as an extremely reserved and romantic character, at times irreverent and trusted right shoulder of the beloved Mickey Mouse. Are you curious to find out more about her? Don’t miss the streaming series dedicated to her on Dinsey +!


Daisy Duck‘s character, originally Donna Duck, first appeared on the screen in 1937, like Donald Duck‘s female counterpart. Donna Duck made its debut for the first time in the short film Don Donald, but apart from the appearance and some character traits, at the time he is still very different from what will be the characterization of the character of Daisy Duck but it looks more like to Donald. Donna Duck was not supposed to be a recurring character, but the designers decided to insert her constantly as a rival in the love of the future Daisy Duck. Daisy Duck, finally the character we all have in mind, makes her first appearance in the animated drawing  Mr. Duck Steps Out in the role of girlfriend of the amusing Donald Duck. It will become a permanent character together with Huey, Dewey and Louie, Grandma Duck and Gus Goose. Daisy and Donald are in love, but due to the stormy character of the two ducks, their relationship is much more lively, tormented and full of surprises than the mice ones. In short, the fun is guaranteed, do not miss their adventures on Disney +!

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