Makeup - August 23, 2017

The 5 Fall Winter 2017-2018 makeup trends you cannot miss

Time to shake up your beauty routine! The key word this upcoming season is: experimenting, and plenty of inspiration is coming from the runways, which like every year offer tons of ideas. Afraid to get lost among too many options? Keep scrolling! Here’s the 5 Fall Winter 2017-2018 make up trends you cannot miss.

eyes-that-popBye bye, naked palettes and natural reflections, hello, experimenting and turning every make up look into a work of art! The focus is on the eyes, and the main products to use are eye shadows and eye liners – pop, of course. The color to have in your make up bag is blue. Let yourself be inspired by Andy Warhol for mix-and-matching, and by Juan Mirò for patterns and lines; but there are no rules – just be creative!

bold-lipsBright colors on your lips are a bit like floral in the spring… so original! Of course, they’re not as obvious in the cold season. This is normally a look best left to Katy Perry! Some designers, however, did not let the consensus dictate their taste and opted for this bold style, with natural make up on the rest of the face, so as not to overdo it. It’s a challenge – use fuchsia, or you can choose to simply change the undertone of your favorite lipstick and opt for an orange or burgundy hue to get a smashing result without going all the way.

bottom-lashes-pleaseThere are two types of people: those who apply make up onto their bottom lashes and those who don’t even seem to know they have them. The message from the runways is loud and clear: your bottom lashes deserve love, too! Painting, emphasizing, and extending: aliens must be able to see your lashes. From space. Extra touch? A gold or silver eyeliner which makes your eyes look even brighter and directs attention to your lashes.

graphic-eyesWe immediately noticed them on the Balmain runway, which this year proposed a stunning look, which wouldn’t look out of place on a modern-day Amazon. Chloé and Chanel proceeded to confirm the trend, and more followed… the guidelines for this style are easier than you’d think: focus on the eyes and less time spent to perfect the rest. As you can imagine, you need to be quite skilled with an eyeliner.

cut-creaseCut crease: an eye shadow technique that features a pronounced “cut” in the crease of the eye. It’s been heavily used by theatre actors, as it highlights and exaggerates the shape and size of the eyes, but it’s also become a staple of drag queen makeup techniques. The version we’ve seen in recent fashion shows is slightly different and reminds us more of a revisited Matisse or Monet, if Matisse and Monet made makeup. It’s a great touch of color in your look, makes your eyes look bigger, and also looks very sophisticated, even if you’re not using any mascara.

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