People - November 19, 2020

Dakota Johnson From 50 Shades Of Grey To Co-Creative Director Of A Sex Toys Brand

Taking care of our sexuality does not have to be a secret, but is simply to be considered a self-love act. This is the reason that prompted Hollywood star Dakota Johnson to add a role to her already illustrious job title, and overseas it seems to be talking about nothing else. A few hours ago, in fact, the official news leaked that sees the actress of 50 Shades Of Grey become the new investor and Co-Creative Director of Maude, the sexual wellness brand that has become famous for its elegant sex toys and sexual objects from positive messages.

Since her first film appearance, Dakota Johnson has been considered a modern sex symbol, loved by men and women all over the world for her chic, sophisticated style and attitude of a strong and enterprising woman. Needless to say, her role as Anastasia Steele has undoubtedly favored the status she enjoys today, which however the actress seems to have decided to affirm even more firmly by pushing the positive dialogue on sex even off the screen. Considering sex a taboo in the age we live in is definitely ridiculous and certainly no less harmful than not making it a topic of conversation in order to increase education and awareness. The CEO of Maude, Eva Giocochea, said, in fact, that Dakota Johnson perfectly embodies the role to which she was designated, not only for her acute sense of aesthetics and humor, but above all for her marked ability to face without fear the theme of sex and intimacy through her work.

Accomplice the pandemic moment that has generally led to greater attention to what is the health of our body, sexual well-being seems, fortunately, we would dare to say, increasingly destigmatized and, let’s face it, why disdain a sex toy with the continuous lockdowns that looming? Seriously, the partnership between Dakota and Maude seems to have come at a historic, or rather social, crucial moment. The image that Dakota Johnson has managed to build over the course of her career will not be damaged but will instead help to break down the barrier of fear and shame that is often unjustifiably created around sex and sexual well-being. In fact, it was Dakota herself who declared in a recent interview how important and special sex is, how much it is part of an inner journey focused on taking care of oneself and one’s body in every respect.

Dakota Johnson talked about how she and the CEO of the brand immediately found themselves in empathy, sharing convictions and beliefs and showing the same vision about Maude’s mission. In short, an all-female turning point, which hopefully will make that useless veil of modesty fall forever that, let’s face it, in the age of Instagram and a vulgarity more than ostentatious everywhere is to be considered only a positive twist, because as Dakota herself says “Sexual well-being is essential for all human beings. It is important that every human being feels included and able to access this form of self-care and that the conversation about sexual health is destigmatized. For too long, sexual health has been poorly marketed, hyper-aggressive and highly gendered. Maude focuses on making sexual healing a part of your wellness routine. While creating products and accessing education and awareness about your body and sexuality, we create the opportunity to properly take care of your sexual self, without taboos. “

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