People - May 15, 2023

Gigi and Bella Hadid: the tale of a stainless bond


The world of celebrities, we know, is known for its complex dynamics, especially when it comes to relationships in the constant spotlight. In recent years, we have been able to see how a prime example of a strong, solid and enduring bond is perfectly represented by the gorgeous sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid. These two women, besides being talented and successful supermodels, tell a deep and authentic relationship. A strong bond of love, mutual support and a connection that goes far beyond fame.

The relationship between Gigi and Bella is often emphasized by sweet words and the gestures of affection that the two also exchange publicly. En effet, the two show on many occasions that they are very close – despite their lives as of busy schedules. As fans continue day by day to follow the two sisters’ careers in the fashion world (and beyond), it is nice to see how tightly this bond remains.

Whether it is on the runway or on the sets of some of the most well-known ad campaigns, the two sisters continue to support each other in the most important moments, encouraging each other and celebrating successes as a team. Recently Gigi Hadid celebrated her 28th birthday at Walt Disney World yesterday, and her sister Bella shared a very heartfelt tribute to her “big sis” on Instagram. In the carousel of photos Bella has shared of the two of them together over the years, she also included a rare shot of Gigi with her daughter Khai.


“Happy birthday to Gigi, my best friend, confidante, teacher, reason, my favorite relaxation partner, the gift that keeps on giving because you brought me the most favorite gift in the world, little Khaibaloo. Calm, quiet, kind, loving, hardworking, angelic, creative, brilliant, funny, caring, PURE.” Here is a short excerpt of Bella Hadid’s text dedicated to her sister Gigi, posted (on Instagram) as a caption to a photo gallery.

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