Skin - June 24, 2016

3 steps to perfect legs

Composit LegsAt the end of the day you’re never really ready for summer when it arrives. And if you don’t feel ready for the swimsuit test (which in the end doesn’t really matter because all you need is a killer bikini for the beach, right?!) a good point to work on are your legs, which could become a key feature even in the city; with shorts and skirts becoming your uniform. Want some advice for getting great legs? Here are our favorite products for the new season and three steps to follow! Obviously not counting hair removal: this we strongly suggest you don’t forget to do 😉

1. Say goodbye to dead cells. There are different ways to do this, but this year we’re limiting ourselves to a simple scrub. We have decided to try dry brushing, a technique, which consists of using a dry natural bristle brush on the skin. It’s can also be used on other areas of the body where the immediate results are more evident. The brushing movement should always flow in the direction of the heart; so from bottom to top. Other than exfoliating, this procedure improves circulation and cellular regeneration. Warning: don’t do it too often or you risk excessively irritating the skin and creating small cuts that could get infected. The ideal time for dry brushing is just before a shower, because the skin is ready to take in more hydration. Last but not least, at the end of the routine don’t forget to use a good body moisturizer.

2. Concentrate on the primary objective. Cellulite? Varicose veins? Discoloration?
It’s clearly too late to start thinking of ways to remedy everything, so let’s concentrate on one task and try to resolve it with a sensible treatment cycle (for example one that lasts 15/30 days, perfect for just before going away). In the gallery you’ll find some suggestions, don’t lose time or energy, start your plan of action immediately.

3. Abandon all hope and cover up what you can. Jokes aside, there are some products that cure everything. Self-tan lotion, for instance, is a natural foundation…crazy. If however you don’t feel brave enough, no problem. There are other cosmetics that could help you take advantage of what Mother Nature gave you, from dry oils, to moisturizers that increase the depth of your tan. This step is what will salvage everything all of two days before your vacation! Don’t worry; we’ll keep your secret.

Whatever your beauty philosophy: months of dedicated prep or last-minute rescue, don’t forget to protect your legs (and the rest of your body) from the summer sun! See you at the beach. x

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