Manuele Mameli

Manuele Mameli is an internationally recognized Makeup Artist and Hairstylist. For years he has collaborated with Chiara Ferragni, whose trust he has won, becoming her Glam Artist and taking care of her beauty looks during every event. With Chiara, in 2019, she also created Beauty Bites, a masterclass attended by more than 1400 people, which was also awarded by the Glamour Award as the “Best Beauty Masterclass” of the year.

Manuele is a true lover and beauty expert: he loves to research new products, test the latest trends and create looks that hardly go unnoticed. Many are the collaborations he tells on his social channels: Clinique, Clarins, Dermalogica, Douglas, Lancome, MAC, Sephora and Valentino beauty are just some of the brands he collaborates with. Manuele in 2021 took part in the Rai Missione Beauty program in the role of judge demonstrating the same ease with which every day she communicates on Instagram with her followers.

Brand Collaborations: Kat Von D, Douglas, Bestway, Nivea, GHD, La Roche Posay, Mulac, Eisenberg, Zalando, Rougj, Nyx, L’Oreal Paris, Lancome, Mac, Estee Lauder, Darphin, Victor&Rolf, Sephora