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Five Curiosities About Alessandro Michele Confessed To Muschio Selvaggio 

Muschio Selvaggio, the unconventional podcast led by Fedez, Luis and Martin Sal, reaches its 63rd episode and becomes the stage for a wonderful story told by one of the most interesting personalities of the contemporary fashion scene: Alessandro Michele.

The artistic director of the Gucci maison, in one of his few Italian interviews, told himself to the young, curious and hungry audience of Muschio Selvaggio, establishing a dialogue symbolizing his eclectic personality. The passions, the love for history, the myths and the feet well pointed in the present have become the means of expression of the one who has defined himself as a fox running in the meadow, a man who with the right amount of unawareness and extreme freedom has undoubtedly marked an era. Fashion is never told directly by Alessandro Michele as one would expect, he doesn’t talk about fabrics, shapes or colors but rather about inspiration and culture, in a beautiful journey that starts from his origins spent between a basketball court and the Roman countryside, and from what most distinguishes him: creativity. Michele differs from that image that has always depicted him as a man attached to the past, but rather emphasizes how the present is the goal of his entire path, whether creative or not. He does not pursue the ancient dream of being remembered forever but rather of upsetting the now, through a soul made of contamination and extreme freedom.

5 Curiosities about Alessandro Michele that you may not know:

Every designer is expected to choose to do this job out of an unconditional passion for the world of fashion, but that’s not the case with Alessandro Michele. Yes, he liked clothing, but his real passions were music, art, the street life and above all people. When he actually started “making fashion” in the Les Copains factory in Bologna, he mixed everything that he was passionate about, thinking about people and what represented them.

When Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci, called designer Alessandro Michele into his office for a coffee, Michele was about to resign. Yes, Alessandro Michele had already worked for Gucci for several years and had decided that it was time to change his life. He would return to London to be a costume designer for theater and cinema, until perhaps the most beautiful and romantic act of trust in the fashion system overwhelmed him. After a long chat about his passions, inspirations and interests, Bizzarri asked Michele to take over the creative direction of the maison, with no guidelines or goals to pursue except to put all of himself, the emotions he felt in his stomach, at the service of a brand that needed to change.



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Alessandro Michele has an obsession with collecting, he defines himself as a guest of his things. As a good lover of history and neoclassical art, he collects porcelain, English Tudor portraits of the Shakespearean era, portraits of children, animals, collects miniatures on ivory and copper but you want to know what his largest collection is? A collection of porcelain pugs from around the world!


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He met Harry Styles, who has become one of the faces of the maison today, because the singer began to constantly wear Gucci, from Michele’s first show in 2015. Alessandro confesses that at the time he didn’t know who One Direction were, he had only heard about their avid fans, the “directioners” and found it very nice. But Harry had impressed him and so they decided to meet in London and have become close friends ever since, to the point of spending almost every summer vacation together. Michele says he rediscovered his teenage spirit with Harry, whom he defines as an extremely intelligent boy and above all transparent in everything he does, there is in fact the purest nature of Harry behind his artistic and style decisions, and not a designer as you might expect.

Alessandro Michele, as the most attentive will have perceived from his collections, is a lover of the sacred and baroque. He has a passion for churches conceived as a theater and stage for art in the greatest beauty of him. In Rome, he says, there is a church in every corner and in his daily walks with his companion he always enters a church to admire its works.

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