Beauty - March 29, 2021

All Products To Prepare Legs For Miniskirts

Exfoliate, moisturize, drain, tone and… if it takes away cellulite, it’s even better! The time of year in which to show off shorts and miniskirts is around the corner, but legs need an ad hoc preparation before going around bare. Let’s start with liquids! Draining the tissues of the legs with products based on salts, ginger, caffeine, pepper and other natural ingredients, eliminating excess fluids, is the first step to take to have perfect legs. The first step is undoubtedly that, yes we are talking to you sedentary, to start exercising by allowing yourself only half an hour of walking a day. Alongside sport and healthy nutrition, which although repetitive are the essential steps to improve the appearance of the body, we must support valid beauty allies able to help us in the fateful operation GOODBYE excess liquids. Let’s move on to the texture! Uniform and toned skin is the result of a constant beauty routine and the use of products aimed at promoting cell regeneration and improving its tone. The first step to take is to get rid of the dead cells that characterize that whitish color that we don’t like so much, in order to prepare the skin for a complexion worthy of the summer. Opt for natural salts and exfoliants and then combine a gel or cream with active ingredients capable of restoring vigor and firmness. Last and not least, hydration! Having your legs always hydrated is actually the only secret to give them a good look that lasts all day, prefer creams or oils based on natural moisturizing extracts such as those contained in Avocado, Coconut, Shea, Wheat Germ, Oil of ‘Olive and almonds. Do you want to meet our favorite leg skin allies?

Body Strategist Attack Serum

WHAT: Intensive body serum based on Caffeine, Carnitine and Pink Pepper extract for a more toned and reshaped-looking silhouette

Draining Gel

WHAT: Hyperactive gel based on draining salts that stimulates the drainage of liquids and toxins, lightening the tissues and reducing the “orange peel effect”.

Body Bomba

WHAT: Moisturizing body cream based on lemon verbena extracts

Body Fit

WHAT: Remodeling gel-cream to reduce cellulite blemishes and localized adiposity, based on quince leaf. To be applied morning and / or evening from the ankles to the waist.

Celluli Eraser 

WHAT: Slimming effect gel to visibly and lastingly reduce the imperfections of cellulite.

Self Tanning Mousse

WHAT: Easy to apply colored self-tanning mousse based on nourishing oils

Remodeling and Draining Cream

WHAT: Multi-action cryactive gel that drains excess skin fluids, reshapes the silhouette of the legs and improves the texture of the skin.

Slimming Body Serum

WHAT: Fluid serum-gel based on active ingredients that act in depth on lipolysis and tissue drainage, facilitating the reduction of excess fat and water retention.

Body Oil

WHAT: Grapeseed and Squalane-based moisturizing body oil

Slime Me Bandages

WHAT: Draining saline bandage with disposable gauze impregnated with a liquid formula based on highly concentrated natural salts with a draining and detoxifying action.

Thalasso Scrub

WHAT: Revitalizing exfoliating salts based on essential oils and a blend of 90 types of sea salts

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