Beauty - April 29, 2020

Fenty Beauty Launches Cheeks Out…Rihanna’s Tutorial Included!  

Spring is here and with it the desire for a fresh, light and super colourful make-up. No sooner said than done! Fenty Beauty has launched the brand new Cheeks Out Collection in cream and we can no longer do without it. But what is it about? Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush & Bronzer, this is the name of the brand new Fenty line, a range of essential products to achieve the perfect make-up in the Fenty style: natural, fresh and healthy as Rihanna commands.

The range, with super cool beehive-shaped packaging, includes a line of cream blushes and bronzers, easy to use to recreate a natural glow effect. But let’s see them in detail!


Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush is a blush line that perfectly recreates the effect of a day just spent in the sun! It is super easy to use and is present in a range of 10 perfect shades to enhance every complexion, from the lightest to the darkest. The formula is very light, resistant to water and sweat and blends perfectly with the skin, giving a touch of colour where desired. We fell in love with the COOL BERRY and PETAL POPPIN shades!


Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer, highlights the cheekbones by recreating the effect of the much-desired contouring. Available in 7 shades, the cream bronzers adapt to any type of complexion, defining the face naturally. To the touch, they are velvety like silk and therefore very easy to blend (advice: help yourself with the shaping brush 125). Even the bronzers are resistant to water and sweat and do not be afraid of the cream consistency! It will not be greasy or sticky, it will immediately melt into your skin! Our favs? HUNNIE GLAZE and BUTTA BISCUIT, a dusting and you will seem just back from the Maldives!


Our beloved Riri even in quarantine times, wanted to show the most affectionates the tutorial for the perfect FENTY FACE. Using the Shaping Brush, she uses the bronzers in Hunnie Glaze and Amber shades to create the contouring and make the face golden; then tap the Cream Blush in the shades Petal Poppoin, Summertime Wine and Drama cla $$ with your fingertips because “with them, it is impossible to exceed in quantity”! Do you want to see it? Here is his tutorial and let us know what you think of the brand new CHEEKS OUT COLLECTION!

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