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Get A Vitamins Fuel With Skincare Products

Vitamins are an indispensable ally of natural beauty, especially when the summer season is upon us! There are many skincare brands that have made vitamins the protagonist of their products and they all have a minimum common denominator: using the elements of nature to give benefits to the skin.
But what are the vitamins to choose when it comes to skincare?
In general, all vitamins guarantee an anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect that you will hardly find in any other cosmetic product. Specifically, the vitamins that help improve skin health are:

Vitamin A: Known for its antioxidant action, it is the most effective ally for fighting free radicals, keeping the skin young and healthy. Thanks to these characteristics, Vitamin A is also effective in fighting skin problems such as acne and psoriasis.
The ingredients that you might find in your skincare products, which contain Vitamin A are mainly Cayenne Pepper, Carrot, Aloe Vera, Chili Pepper and Vine Leaves.

Vitamin B: Known for its nutritional properties, vitamin B is the essential ally for the energy supply to the skin and body, helping to hinder the appearance of dermatitis and skin dehydration. The ingredients that you may find in your skincare products, in which Vitamin B is contained, are mainly Spriulina Algae, Avocado, Grapefruit, Cocoa, Nuts.

Vitamin C: on the skin Vitamin C acts as a shield, becoming an indispensable protection between the skin and external agents capable of damaging it. But not only that, Vitamin C is also perfect for giving shine, vigor and elasticity to the skin, helping to prevent the formation of spots and promoting the production of melanin. The ingredients that you might find in your skincare products, which contain Vitamin C are mainly Citrus, Grapes, Kiwi, Currants, Strawberries.

Vitamin D: Known to guarantee a good functioning of the immune system, vitamin D is an indispensable skincare ally when you want to obtain radiant and incredibly hydrated skin. The use of Vitamin D in skincare products, in fact, helps restore vitality to the skin, making the hydrolipidic film more compact and resistant to external aggressions.

Vitamin E: Known for its soothing and anti-oxidant properties, Vitamin E is the perfect skincare ally to combat erythema, redness, sunburn and inflammation. Almost all vegetable oils are rich in it, including Almond and Marula oil, Cocoa or Coconut butter and Mango

But what are the vitamin-based skincare products to choose? Here are our favorites!

Vitamin E Face Mask

WHAT: Vitamin E and Aloe Vera based tissue mask to deeply hydrate the skin, defending it from dehydration

Multi-Vitamin Moisturizing Cream

WHAT: Deeply nourishing moisturizer based on vitamins A, B5, C and E for soft, glowing and incredibly healthy skin

Purifying Tonic in Stick

WHAT: Tonic based on Matcha tea and vitamin A to purify the pores and rebalance the skin

Anti-Pollution and Antioxidant Tanning Drops

WHAT: Drops to mix with serum or daily cream based on coconut powder, Marula seed oil, black currant, Vitamin D and Vitamin F. Ideal for creating an anti-pollution and anti-oxidant barrier with a tanning effect

Purifying Cream

WHAT: Ultra concentrated formula in vitamins and minerals to fight skin blemishes and inflammations based on Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Zinc

Vitamin Emulsion

WHAT: Multivitamin Korean herbal emulsion that acts like a second skin protecting it from external aggressions and signs of aging

Soothing Gel

WHAT: Soothing and anti-inflammatory gel based on Vitamin E and Aloe Vera perfect for acne-prone skin

Face and Body Mask with Vitamin C

WHAT: Face and Body Mask based on Grapefruit and Vitamin C

Vitamin E Micellar Water

WHAT: Micellar Water based on soothing Vitamin E, replenishing fatty acids and vegetable oils

Illuminating Mask

WHAT: Illuminating mask based on vitamins C, E and B5 with lemon, orange and clementine extracts for a revitalized and radiant complexion

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