Beauty , Skin - June 20, 2018

#BBtips with Manuele Mameli: beauty tips for glowing skin

The ultimate beauty trend of the summer: a super glowing skin!  It’s time for #BBtips, our monthy column starring Manuele Mameli, Chiara Ferragni makeup artist. Today Manuele is here to explain us how to create a shimmering effect on our skin. Are you ready?


Hello Manuele, summer has come and we’re ready to glow! Can you tell us some tips?

In summertime, we can’t just focus on face makeup. We need to think to the entire body, as well! I learnt this lesson on set and I always remember it when I’m working for a fashion shooting or an advertising campaign where the model’s body is exposed. Even in your everyday life, there are many products that are useful to highlight your tan, even the lightest one! Sunkissed skin, actually, is the beauty trend of the moment!


Which products can we use?

In these first weekend getaways, I’m sure many of you already had the chance to spend some time on the beach! I’m telling you the ultimate beauty tip of the season: add some liquid highlighter to your hydrating body cream. Forget oil: it’s so out these days!


With denim shorts and mini skirts, our legs are so exposed, thanks to the latest fashion trends. Sometimes, when our tan is not on top, they can become our weakness. What can we do to highlight them?

First of all, you need to hydrate them very well, to gain a good glowing base. Then, if you want to make them “shine”, remember this tip: apply the highlighter on your legs from top to toe. I promise you’ll be surprised and you’ll never forget to use it before a night out!


Other tricks to enhance our skin tone?

You can apply some highlighter on your shoulder blades, as well. It’s a very discrete and elegant glowing touch! What is absolutely out, instead? To highlight cleavage!


#BBtips: all the highlighters to keep in your makeup purse:

Charlotte Tillbury Supermodel body: thanks to Fermiprotect, it firms your skin and sculpt your contours. This is the ultimate must have for a glowing skin!


Mulac OMG Gold: its golden pearls are the perfect boost to add some shimmering effect to your tan. And its formula is 99% organic and vegan!


Fenty Beauty Body Lava: this is Rihanna’s fave highlighter. It’s a gel-based body luminizer made to veil skin in high-shine finish.


L’Oréal Accord Parfait Highlight: it’s perfect to create a super cool strobing effect on your face!





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