Beauty - September 14, 2023

New York Fashion Week: The Best Beauty Looks on the Runway


New York Fashion Week has always been a launchpad for the boldest and most innovative beauty trends. This year, the runways were illuminated by a variety of beauty looks that captured everyone’s attention, ranging from subtle minimal elegance to bolder contrasts. Let’s explore the most memorable beauty looks presented by designers such as Brandon Maxwell, Tibi, Michael Kors, Dhruv Kapoor, Christian Siriano, Dion Lee, Luar, Laquan Smith, Botter, and The Blonds.

This year, minimalism took center stage on the runway with Brandon Maxwell, Tibi, and Michael Kors. These fashion houses opted for a classy and natural approach, focusing on flawless skin and a palette of neutral colors. Dhruv Kapoor, on the other hand, took the art of eyeliner to new heights with bold graphic lines. Models sported black eyeliner on a neutral base. Christian Siriano conveyed a new romanticism, with models wearing silk ribbons in their hair, wrapped around their hairstyles for a touch of femininity and grace. Dion Lee went for an essential look with a touch of red in the lipstick.


Luar, on the other hand, ensured that its beauty look didn’t go unnoticed. Models showcased thick and pronounced eyeliner, along with bold nail art. Laquan Smith brought the glossy effect to the runway. The skin was radiant and hydrated, with a hint of oil or gloss on the lips, eyes, and cheekbones for an irresistible glossy effect. Botter introduced a touch of blue on the models’ lips. This unusual and surprising look demonstrated how blue can be a runway color, turning makeup into an experimental art form. Finally, The Blonds presented a somewhat theatrical look with blue on the eyes. This look celebrated eclecticism and individuality, proving that fashion and makeup can be forms of artistic expression.

“The beauty looks presented inspired and enchanted, leaving a lasting impression in the fashion imagination.”

In conclusion, New York Fashion Week 2023 offered a diverse range of beauty looks, spanning from elegant minimalism to experimental boldness.

Images by Launchmetrics


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