Beauty - June 19, 2020

The 5 Guam Products For A Perfect Beach Body

Summer is coming and this year, thanks to the quarantine (AKA pizzas, homemade cakes and Netflix marathons), the beach body anxiety is greater than ever! Do you remember all the workouts we recommended, right? All right, it’s time to join them with an infallible beauty ally! Based on the extraordinary benefits of seaweed, Guam has been at the forefront for years to help women fight those annoying imperfections that often become so much attached to our body that they do not go away even with the most exhausting workouts. Discovered in the port of Brest, in Brittany, by the founder of Guam Egidio Siena, seaweed is a miraculous natural ingredient for body care, to the point of having been renamed “green gold“. But what effects do algae have? Seaweed stimulates, promotes spares, tones the endocrine glands and fights ageing. Is not enough? Well, know that they also prevent and take care of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cellulite*, helping the micro-circulation of the blood. Guam’s best-seller, Guam seaweed mud, for over thirty years now has an unchanged recipe that is based on the extraction of algae, ground and mixed with other strictly cold-pressed ingredients. Furthermore, Guam has not stopped at the mud but has included a series of products in its production that you will no longer want to do without! We have compiled a list of our faves, looking for the 5 Guam products for a perfect beach body! Ready to fall in love with it?


WHAT: Seaweed based mud that improves the condition and appearance of legs suffering from swelling and heaviness. Combined with phytoextracts and essential oils, they are active against the imperfections of cellulite and skin adiposities, firm and tone giving, in the summer season, a fabulous refreshing effect.

HOW: Leave on for 45 minutes covered with plastic wrap and rinse with warm water


WHAT: Velvety and soft cream with a fresh effect. It acts against cellulite and can be used every day alone or in combination with Guam seaweed mud cold formula. Also suitable for the most delicate skin.

HOW: Apply on the interesting parts with a light massage until completely absorbed


WHAT: Natural exfoliating scrub with fresh and flowery fragrance. Firms and tones the skin leaving it soft and velvety. It allows you to remove dead skin cells promoting cell turnover and making the skin brighter, smoother and younger-looking. In addition, the high content of Guam salts and seaweed promotes the elimination of excess liquids.

HOW: Wet the skin of the body, apply the product and massage with movements from the bottom upwards. Rinse only with water and do not apply on irritated skin.


WHAT: Breathable effect leggings with anti-cellulite efficacy. The microencapsulated marine algae combined with the Guam technology of the tissue, give a flat stomach effect, improve microcirculation and reduce cellulite*.

HOW: Wear on top of underwear every day for at least 6 hours a day for 30 consecutive days.


WHAT: Green tea based on plant extracts and seaweed. It favours the drainage of body fluids thanks to the diuretic and purifying action of its active ingredients. Excellent if associated with mud.

HOW: Pour the contents of a sachet into 1 litre of water to drink throughout the day.

*cellulite: skin imperfection 

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