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TBS MEETS…Priscilla Ono, Fenty Ambassador and Rihanna’s Makeup Artist

Rihanna‘s beauty looks have always been the most replicated by beauty addicted and beyond, the secret behind the pop star’s natural and warm-toned style is Priscilla Ono, Fenty Beauty and Rihanna Makeup Artist. Inspired by the music videos of the 90s, Priscilla creates her looks following the “glamorous and confident” vademecum, believing that make-up is a weapon to build self-confidence. We interviewed her to discover all the secrets of beauty, Riri’s favorite makeup and Fenty must-have products, hear what she told us:

TBS: Hello Priscilla nice to meet you! We’ve heard that your passion for beauty began in the ‘90s watching MTV music videos. Could you explain us how did you translate this into your artistry? 

Priscilla: I think growing up and watching music videos in the 90’s and early 2000’s really helped me understand the ENTIRE realm of beauty. When it comes to creating beauty looks, its all about the fashion, the hair, the elements, the location, the vibe – everything comes together and makeup helps to communicate that mood. Each music video brought a different world to life, and all of those references serve as inspiration for my artistry today.

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TBS: You’re famous for your leading sold-out masterclasses and celebrity makeups, what do you like the most about working as a Global Makeup Artist and in the beauty industry in general? 

Priscilla: One of the things I love the most about being a Global Makeup Artist is how multifaceted it is. I’m doing Rihanna’s makeup for campaigns and events, leading masterclasses attended by influencers and artists around the world, and advising on new products as they’re in development ! It’s awesome to have so many touchpoints on a beauty brand that has really changed the conversation around beauty. It’s an honor and something that I am really passionate about!

TBS: What do you think is the most important aspect about makeup? 

Priscilla: I view makeup as a secret weapon you can use to boost your confidence, embody your personal style, and a source of fun and playfulness! I have seen makeup transform peoples confidence. I think the most important thing is that you use it to enhance and not cover up who you are. Embrace your unique qualities!

TBS: Your motto is “practice makes perfect”, what does this mean to you? 

Priscilla: Practice makes perfect means that you dive into whatever your craft is, and perfect it by doing it over and over again. Allow yourself to get constantly inspired, practice, be open to learning. The greatest artists lived, ate, and breathed their art. For me, the same philosophy applies to makeup. Even in the most basic way, if you’re not the best at eyeliner, I’m sure that if you practiced it daily you would end up being a pro just from doing it over and over again. I can teach someone a technique, but it’s not until they use that skill over and over again that it evolves to becoming second nature for them.

TBS: After having made Rihanna fall in love with your skills, you’ve become the makeup artist for some of her major public appearances. Which do you think is the makeup that best suite our beloved Riri? 

Priscilla: Thank you so much, it’s an honor for me to do Rihanna’s makeup always. I think the best makeup look for Riri is always just anything that’s going to really make her natural, beauty and her features stand out. She is a natural beauty, she doesn’t need much. I love it when I make something that just emphasizes what she already has. I love using the Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows palette, especially the True Neutrals, I use neutral tones on her eyes to define her beautiful shape. I also love using Full Frontal Mascara on her beautiful lashes, then you know the Gloss Bomb on her beautiful full lips. She is such a natural beauty! 

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TBS: Who is your main inspiration when it deals with makeup and beauty in general? 

Priscilla: I think one of my main inspiration when it deals with makeup and making looks is just beauty and glamor, I love beauty and glamor especially from different eras, I love 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, everything and everyone that is glamorous like Linda Evangelista, Madonna. I think that confidence it’s key to me, when you exhale confidence to me is just the most beautiful you can be. I think there are many different types of beauty in this world, but when someone exhale that confidence, that super glamour, they become the most beautiful people on earth. Definitely glamour, beauty and confidence give me the most inspiration when it deals with makeup. 

TBS: Which are the Fenty products we must have and why?

Priscilla: Oh it’s so hard to choose! Right now I’m really into fresh, natural makeup and the Fenty Beauty Blurring Skin Tint is my go to, it’s so versatile because it’s medium to full coverage, it’s buildable, it’s fresh, it looks like skin, there’re 25 shades anyone can choose from, you can use it for any skin type, it hides wrinkles, dark circles and just make your skin look like skin, which is the cherry on top. Secondly the Full Frontal Mascara is another go to to me, to create this beautiful fresh look ‘ cause it’s just like mascara on and you go! The Full Frontal provides that beautiful open eye effect because you have a flat side brush that make your lashes look individually perfect and then you have a fat side that makes them look fuller and gorgeous. And last but not least I love the Gloss Bombs Creams, they just provide this beautiful color, they’re not sticky, they make your lips juicy and glossy and probably one of my favorite color is Fenty Glow, which I’m wearing today! 

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