Beauty - May 14, 2019

The coolest make-up of the season? The one with a focus on the eyes created by Manuele Mameli

Creating an eye make-up that is effective but at the same time refined and elegant is one of the most difficult challenges when it comes to make-up. Smeared or irregular eyeliner has become an urban legend, as well as a very pronounced smokey eye that results in the ‘panda’ effect and takes us back to the 2000s and to Avril Lavigne’s signature look.

To show off an eye make-up worthy of this name, the rules are few and simple: if the eyes are bold, the complexion is bright, the lips are naked or in delicate colors, and the looks that Manuele Mameli has created for our Chiara Ferragni are the perfect inspiration to always be on top and to create fabulous beauty looks.


For the dinner organized by NASA and Omega, Chiara’s make-up centred on a splendid smokey eye, an ideal look for important occasions, sophisticated and at the same time extremely sensual. The make-up is very precise and defined, with a black profile that perfectly frames the eye making it stand out. Earthy nuances, between bronze and brown, accentuate the all look by intensifying and give it depth. The final touch? A lot of mascara. As for the other parts of the face, the complexion is natural and bright, as are the lips: nude and super glossy.


Light is the key to a successful make-up and, always during her visit to NASA, Chiara shines like a star. Warm brown tones are used on the eyes with a shaded effect towards the outside of the eye and are mixed with a pinch of golden shimmer eye shadow in the inner corner: a ray of gold light that makes the glances shine. Splendid on light eyes that become much brighter, it is perfect even on dark ones that will gain in intensity. In this case also the rest of the beauty look is simple and natural: the complexion plays with lights and shadows, with delicate brushstrokes of highlighter on the cupid’s bow and on the nose, to complete the whole with bare lips and a lip gloss wipe.


A summer melody is the one that Manuele managed to create with a veil of yellow make-up. Canary yellow, very intense and lively, which like a gold frame encloses the look making it precious and making the colors of the iris explode. The blue of Chiara’s eyes turns into a sapphire colour, and a similar effect also happens to the darker shades: the chestnut is tinged with the nuances of chocolate, the black seems filled with flakes of gold. When the eye make-up is so lively, you can only complete the look with as much joy: rose on the cheekbones with a hint of illumination, and deep pink lips, with warm brown undertones, with the inevitable veil of lip gloss which makes everything even more spectacular.

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