Chiara Ferragni - October 23, 2018

When Chiara Ferragni is in Los Angeles: her must-have looks

There are a few things we never get tired to write about: Gigi Hadid’s hair, Blake Lively Instagram posts, sequins as the coolest trend for Fall-Winter 2018. Above all, we never get tired of Chiara Ferragni’s looks in Los Angeles.

It’s probably because LA mood, sunsets, and Malibu beaches cast a spell (to all the fashion editors in the world, please investigate more on that!). Anyway, Chiara Ferragni’s outfits are so magical and memorable when she’s in Los Angeles.

If you’re Chiara’s fans, you should know very well that her LA style is quite different from the way she usually dress in Milan. Do you know the fashion #musthave pieces of her walk-in-closet in Los Angeles? Let’s see if you already know them: scroll down to know why Chiara Ferragni’s looks in Los Angeles are so cool!

Combat boots

For Chiara Ferragni, combat boots aren’t simply shoes, but a real lifestyle. These are the shoes she loves to wear in her off-duty days when she’s not working on a set or sitting in the front row, and they’re perfect to express the Los Angeles mood, relaxed but also super street. Just like her looks: they’re always great with cargo pants, mini skirts and leopard print leggings, and the right choice for a brunch at Beverly Hills Hotel or to eat a hamburger at In-n-out.

Colorful mini dresses

Who lives in Los Angeles has a little knowledge about fall and winter, only because they saw them on TV or because their friends on the East Coast said something about snow and cold. That’s why it’s so hard to see Chiara Ferragni with a puffer jacket, a coat or a fur jacket when she’s in Los Angeles. They’re all in her Milan’s closet. In LA, every day is a good day to wear a short dress, with unusual cut-outs and floral prints.

Skater girl

When she’s in Los Angeles, Chiara Ferragni is always ready to channel her inner cool kid. It’s impossible to resist the call of her streetwear spirit, that in Milan is quite difficult to wake up for all the business meetings and photoshoots she has to attend. For sure, flea markets and second-hand shops are a great source of inspiration: she always finds amazing treasures, like the Stranger Things T-shirt.

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Mix and match

Haute couture meets low cost. The mix and match between vintage pieces, fast fashion clothes, and luxury bags and shoes made Chiara Ferragni a true fashion icon since the very beginning and The Blonde Salad the ultimate style to follow. After nine years, she’s still the queen of this style, and she proved it in these days in Los Angeles, where she matched Chanel handbag and shoes with a Forever 21 overall. No way, she’s still the queen!

Sequins mania

Have we already said that sequins are this season’s must-have? Well, we didn’t say it enough, and our Fall-Winter 2018 collection that you can shop on our store online is the proof. Since her bachelorette party in Ibiza, Chiara is so obsessed with them. It was impossible not to bring this new mania in her LA looks and use them for some really amazing outfits: is there anything better than a star sequin top on the Walk of Fame?

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Hollywood Blvd ✨

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Special night out

Chiara Ferragni loves her relaxed life in Los Angeles and to stay away from paparazzi. But every time she attends an event, we’re sure it will be memorable. After all, we’re in Los Angeles, baby! She recently a fashion moment some days ago at the opening of Pomellato’s store in Beverly Hills: if we had to choose five wow looks of Chiara, we wouldn’t forget to put this incredible Attico feathered evening gown. A dream dress for the one and only queen!

Are you still hungry for more Chiara Ferragni’s looks in Los Angeles? You only need to scroll down to our gallery below to see all the amazing looks she wore in LA. Check them out!

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