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A dream in colour, precisely in the shades of white and blue, is what youโ€™ll experience discovering the beauties of Polignano a Mare and its surroundings. Located in the province of Bari, Polignano is a real Italian paradise overhanging the sea, as well as one the fav destinations on our Summer bucket list.

Polignano a Mare is, with no ifs and buts, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where sea and history mix together to give us one of those landscapes that only our country could give. The stone houses, the loggias and the small labyrinth streets that make up the old town, are one of the things that make this place super suggestive. Tradition and innovation meet between the artisan workshops and the high fashion boutiques, without ever losing the authenticity of the seaside resort of yesteryear.

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The places to not miss in Polignano and around are manyโ€ฆeven before entering the city centre! Super Instagram approved and shot by most of the It-Girls is the route of Lama Monachile: a pathway made of steps dug in the rock that will lead you right to the sea, precisely on the shores of Via Traiana, one of the most famous beaches. The sea is one of the real treasures of this magic place, so donโ€™t miss its caves like Rondinella, Azzurra, Dei Fidanzati and Palazzese, that today houses one of the most suggestive restaurants in Italy. Among the beaches, you should visit Porto Cavallo, San Vito, Cala Fetente and Ponte dei Lapilli.

Going up the old town, take a break to visit the old churches, the Contemporary Art Museum and the Palazzo dellโ€™Orologio. Are you hungry? Give yourself the treat to taste the amazing fish sandwiches of Pescaria. Whatโ€™s particular in the city are all the poems written on the steps of the entire city, signed by who defines himself the Flaneur.

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Close to Polignano, youโ€™ll discover some other amazing places among which we suggest: the Trulli in Alberobello, Monopoli, Cisternino and Ostuni, known also like the white city. But maybe weโ€™ll dedicate them a special guide, in the meanwhile enjoy the unique show of the beautiful Polignano a Mare, because just like our Flaneur says โ€œIn front of the sea, happiness is a simple ideaโ€

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