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5 European cities + 1, to be viewed from a tram

There are really several ways to visit a city: on foot, by bike, by car, by tourist bus… But in some cities, nothing can beat the vintage charm of a tram — you can learn a lot about a place while riding trams! Some trams are old and well conserved, both inside and outside. Others changed with time, and their design has adapted to the world around them, but in both cases your tour will be peculiar and utterly exceptional. Curious to find out which cities you should visit by tram? We picked 5 European cities plus an international one, where riding trams is a pleasure rather than necessity!


– Oporto, Portugal
The story of trams in this Portuguese town traces back to the late 19th century, and its trolley cars are time-honored: some of the old lines still exist, and the network today includes 3 different itineraries that touch the most important spots in Porto. Really, don’t even think of getting into a cab in this city, you’re not allowed! 🙂

– Milan, Italy
Milan trams reflect the city’s mood: they are elegant, retro, and traditional. Everyone uses trams in Milan: they are used by tourists, who can’t resist the charm of these old cars, and use them for a ride and as scenery for some photos, as well as commuters. In addition to riding regular lines, you can also book a guided tour that will make you discover Milan and its history aboard a historical car from the 1920s. Definitely a very exclusive way to taste that typical Milan atmosphere.

– Stockholm, Sweden
Few of you might know that Stockholm also has a history with trolley cars, and that this form of transport is still very important for the locals. You just can’t avoid noticing these elegant, bright blue trolley cars when walking around the beautiful Swedish capital… Ride them around the city center and don’t worry if your day is packed with amazing plans: trams here always come on time!

– Istanbul, Turkey
Beautiful and complex are the two adjectives that come to mind to most tourists in Istanbul. The city does a good job of making modern architecture coexist with historical buildings, and with the rich history of this country. Trams are mostly red here, and they are an excellent alternative to tourist guides: the way to your destination will feel like true time travel.

– Amsterdam, the Netherlands
If you thought that you can only get around Amsterdam by bike…. Think again! Before bicycles became the way to get around Amsterdam, riding trolley cars and enjoying the view was the main way to discover the city. You can buy a day ticket if you want to hop on and off trams, and most of all, to see the bars, bridges and little shops of this extraordinary city from up close!

– Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne has often been called the most sophisticated city in Australia, and its tram network becoming more and more expansive definitely contributed to the city’s improvement. This is why we include it on the list: Melbourne set an example for all the cities that decide to invest on this kind of transportation, and this definitely wins it some praise. So, what are you waiting for? Ride the City Circle line: its trams are pretty, modern and it will be a tour you can hardly forget!

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