Do - June 20, 2017

The 7 most unusual sports you can practice this summer

Summer is finally here, we can finally say goodbye to our gym, and we can finally relax… Or not, actually: the summer months are the best for sports, they are the time when you can train outdoors, and get out of those walls! Beach volley, beach soccer and beach paddleball are favorites, but there are other, more unusual sports that will definitely be popular in summer 2017! Some of these activities require strength, others require balance, and others even require a small dose of courage. No excuses then, there is only one aim: stay fit, and have fun!

Jumping Fitness
Jumping on an outdoor trampoline? Yes please! This aerobic activity will make your entire body stronger, from your arms to your legs, and even more so if you adjust resistance, by using a few small weights.

Balance, anyone? If you are good with that, no worries, otherwise… Get ready to fall over a few times. This sport is all about an elastic line which is usually a little narrower than the soles of your feet, all you have to do is walk on it… Without falling, of course! Don’t be afraid, the line is usually not tied too high above the ground, so you won’t get hurt and there is no serious danger… You’ll thank us when you see your abs!

Underwater hockey
The tools you need for this sport are: a wooden bat, a puck, a mask, a pair of fins and a mouthpiece. You know classic hockey, right? This version is basically the same, only, everything happens in a pool, 13ft deep. You can just imagine how strong your arms will get!

This is every kid’s dream, or at least the dream of any little daredevil: it’s all about climbing up trees. This odd sport is the brainchild of a French mountaineer, and over the past few years, accrobranche became a sport: it will be good for your muscles, and even more so for your sense of fun.

Stand Up Paddle
All you need is scenery with water: the sea, or a lake, or a river, why not? This sport also involves a lot of balance, and a bit of sense of direction: you will have to be able to stand on a surfboard, and paddle. The day after you practice, your arms and your thighs might hurt a little, and you will know that that means you did a good job.

Sepak Takraw
The slightly unpronounceable name of this sport comes from Southeast Asia, where this sport is very popular, and we think it will come here very soon, too. It works like volleyball, only, you don’t play with your hands but with your feet, with scissor kicks and bicycle kicks, using a ball of a much smaller size than the one you use in volleyball. If you are into aerobic sports, this is a good way to test yourself, but be mindful of how you fall after your shot.

Let’s move on to Israel with this one: Kravfit derives its name from Krav Maga, the combat style of the Israeli Defence Force, used to train Israeli soldiers. It is generally practiced outdoors, and it involves kicks, punches and elbow jabs, all with a good soundtrack in the background. This sport will tone your legs and buttocks, and it will also teach you a few self-defense moves.. Which never hurts, right?

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