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Travel and beauty treatments: 7 destinations for a super relaxing summer break

ferOften when we speak about dream summer vacations, the majority of us immediately envisage crystalline waters, sun and parties every day. But in reality this isn’t true for all. There are those who instead by far prefer a long relaxing break, perhaps in places that offer unique treatments. We’ve chosen 7 destinations for those seeking a totally relaxing summer: what are you waiting for? It’s time to shake off all of that stress!

Mexico for a cactus massage
We know Mexico is one of the states with highest number of historical artefacts in the world. But did you know that there, they also specialise in the Hakali massage? It’s a regenerating treatment that sees a warm concoction of cactus leaves and flowers applied onto the body. They say it has a truly unique effect on the skin.

Japan for a snail spit peel
We’ve all asked ourselves how Asian people manage to age so slowly. Well it’s all thanks to snails! Apparently they’re used very often in the land of the rising sun, the way in which the snail crawls across the face removes dead cells from the epidermis, purifies the pores, hydrates the skin and even sooth sunburns.

Russia to tone using birch
It’s called Banja and it’s a treatment that combines the classic Turkish bath/hammam with the sauna. The key is to use this “magical” birch at the beginning of the treatment, followed by a bucket of cold water to reinvigorate the skin and then a massage with soap and an exfoliating glove that gets rid of the dead cells. The final phase is the most bizarre: a large dollop of honey.

Prague for a beer bath
Hear hear! In Prague they love beer so much that they’ve invented a beer spa! But be careful: these aren’t places that you go to get drunk, but much more. At the centre you take a bath in an oak tub filled to the brim with the delicious drink. The benefits? Apparently it can relieve muscle tension, tiredness and stress. Why not try it?

India to discover the benefits of silent meditation
In the famous film Eat, Pray and Love, Julia Roberts finds refuge in India to recover from heartbreak. Where better than Kerala, in the south of the country, to live with the best Indian masters and benefit from meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic medicine? They say it make you look up to 10 years younger.

Iceland for a bath in one of the wonders on the world
Certainly not a place where you can find mild temperatures given that it’s cold year round, but next to the capital Reykjavík, there’s a lake where the temperature reach 39° and promises miraculous benefits. It’s among one of National Geographic’s 25 marvels of the world, and it’s part of the Blu Lagoon wellbeing center where you can have a steam bath, massage in water and spa treatments. The warm water is rich in minerals and seaweed, which is useful for curing skin conditions.

Visit Indonesia for a snake massage
If you think you’ve really heard it all before then you’re completely wrong; because in Jakarta, the marvellous Indonesian capital, they offer a truly unusual treatment. The snake massage is when you allow snakes (a maximum of three) to slither around on your bare back; the movement creates an incomparable sensation. What are the benefits of all this? It seems that the adrenaline released from the fear leaves clients’ bodies more toned. Are you brave enough to try it?

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