Eat - February 27, 2015

Milano by night: 5 unconventional bars

Tired of the same old bars? Do you want to experience something different or just enjoy a  nice place to get some drinks and maybe eat something? Then take a look at the 5 bars/cafe/restaurants in the sliding gallery. We love the spots we chose, and we think you will too.  Have fun in Milano and enjoy your nights!

DRY Cocktails & Pizza
Great pizzeria/cocktail bar with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a perfectly  unfinished style. Nice people and nice stuff. Drinks are really great.
Address: Via Solferino, 33, 20124 Milan
TBS ♥ Share a pizza with your friends, it’s simply delicious and try one of the vintage&forgotten cocktails!

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria
Why not drink something spicy and exotic in a big old wood factory abandoned in the city center? Then go in the brand new “low cost” restaurant by the famous Italian chef Cracco, where you can taste good food but also sofisticated cocktails.
Address: Via Giuseppe Meda 24, 20141 Milan
TBS ♥ We are in love with the interiors: there is only one long table and you sit randomly next to each other. Reservation is not possible.

Nottingham Forest
The place is small, you have to wait at least 30 minutes outside to get in, but it’s worth a try. It’s better to go there with a small group of people (tables are just for 4 people). The cocktail selection is very long, Dario Commi has been listed as one of the best barmen in the world.
Address: Viale Piave, 1, 20129 Milan
TBS ♥ It’s something you should experience once, expecially if you are into elaborated or unique drinks.

T’a  Milano
Elegant yet informal cafe/restaurant good at any time of the day.  Great for an aperitivo, just sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail watching the bar tender at work.
Address: Via Clerici, 1, 20121 Milan
TBS ♥ Excellent appetizers plus the chocolate is really amazing. Yes! There is an entire chocolate corner here.


Probably the only speakeasy in Milan (hidden bars that used to sell alcoholic beverages during the Prohibition years)  it has a beautiful 20’s / 30‘ style. It’s elegant yet relaxing but if you want a beer this is not the right bar for you. The barman will surprise you with excellent cocktails. It’s not easy to get in (and also to find it: the address is secret)  but maybe one of your friends is a 1930 member and you don’t have any clue about it!
Address: Milan, 20129
TBS ♥ Perfect place to chill drinking a proper Old Fashioned.


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