10 cakes to taste this summer!
Sunday is… the perfect day to taste a wonderful dessert! Plus, today is also Strudel Day, so we definetely have a […]
4 restaurants in Milan (and surroundings) you can’t miss!
Best places to eat in Milan? That’s a real frequently asked question, especially in these days before the weekend! Today […]
All the coolest (and tastiest) smoothie bowls for the summer
The coolest summer dish? Actually, it’s a bowl… a smoothie bowl! They’re yummy, they’re healthy, but they’re also beautiful to […]
The coolest drinks for the summer
Which are the coolest drinks for the summer? There’s a plenty of choice between healthy drinks, yummy smoothies and teas […]
Carbonara Day
ARE YOU A TRULY PASTA LOVER? So do you know that today is the International Carbonara Day? Let’s celebrate with the […]
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