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All the coolest (and tastiest) smoothie bowls for the summer

The coolest summer dish? Actually, it’s a bowl… a smoothie bowl! They’re yummy, they’re healthy, but they’re also beautiful to see; the perfect compromize to satisfy our hunger… and also our ambition as the best Instagram foodie ever! They’re great for breakfast, but also for an afternoon snack, and they can be created with the ingredients’ mix we like (pay attention: they must be organic!). Which are the trends to follow to become a true smoothie bowls addicted? Stay tuned to discover them with us!


The recipe for a perfect smoothie bowl

Let’s start from the basics: what is a smoothie bowl? The name says everything: it’s a fruit smoothie with a mix of tasty ingredients. Smoothie bowls recipes wanted? You only have to follow your personal tastes. Choose a delicate smoothie and play with different flavours and food textures. Match it with soft fruits, like mango and banana, and frozen berries. Don’t forget some cripsy ingredients, like granola or chocolate, but also super jelly (and super cool) ones like chia pudding: your smoothie bowl is served!



Everybody loves açai bowls

The coolest super fruit for smoothie bowls? Undoubtedly, açai fruits, that look like blueberries and that are rich of antioxidants. They’re one of the most important ingredient to start a yummy bowl, especially the ones we saw on Instagram. If you don’t believe us, search #acaibowls!




Spirulina, the magical ingredient for your smoothie bowls

Have you seen thousands of light blue bowls on Instagram and you were wondering what magic ingredient give them that bright shade? It’s Spirulina, a powder taken from an algae and rich of vitamins and minerals, that is very popular in kitchens to create amazing and colourful dishes. It’s a cool ingredient that can add an healthy taste to your bowls… and help you to gain hundreds of likes!


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Mermaid smoothie bowls 💙 Recipe is below👇🏽The granola here is from @corefoods, and it has no added sugars – just organic nuts, seeds, and fruits. Not sponsored, just sharing because @corefoods is an awesome nonprofit that offers sustainable and wholesome foods and employs people in need (and pays them a fair living wage) 💪🏽 Hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday! RECIPE 1 frozen banana 1 cup frozen cooked cauliflower 1 cup coconut milk beverage 1/3 cup rolled oats 1/2 tsp spirulina powder 1 tsp maca powder Toppings: @corefoods pecan spice granola, blueberries, dragonfruit, shredded coconut and toasted almonds . . . #smoothiebowl #smoothiebowls #smoothie_planet #beautifulfood #bestofvegan #feedfeed #letscookvegan #foodiegram #veganworldshare #detoxfoods #morningslikethese #veganfoodspot #cleaneating #plantbaseddiet #foodblogger #wholefoodplantbased #foodstylist #foodphotographer #eattheworld #dailyfoodfeed #foodiegram #healthyfoodshare #forkyeah #plantbaseddiet #veganfoodshare #healthylifestyle #veganfoodporn #smoothiequeen #befitfoods #breakfastinspo

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Hello! 👋 I'm back! 🙈I took a month off instagram and it was blissful. I caught up on zzz's, worked out hard, spent time with family and focused on some self care! 💕. . . On jan 1, I didn't want another year to pass without trying to resolve myself to be better. The timing was perfect because nisha @rainbowplantlife posted her 18 ways to improve yourself and @kayla_itsines showed us how she conquered her chin ups. 💪. I started working out. Hard. Intense. It left me breathless and sore. I did my own thing – skipping, chin ups, dozens of @jillianmichaels workouts. I've taken up cardio kick boxing @lesmillstribe now, which is so challenging and crazy fun. . . I wanted to lose 20 lbs by my birthday and I managed to smash my goal! It was really difficult and there were days i just wanted to skip my workouts. But I did it! It feels so good to be on the other side of it. The "after"! No special pill or short cuts. Just working out and eating clean. 🥦🥒🍍🥑🍎 I always worked out but my body changed after my third. I couldn't just do what the norm was for me. It wasn't working. I wasn't sculpted anymore. 😂. I'm back to prebaby weight..well with the addition of some extra marks, dimples & skin . . So that's what I've been up to! How have you guys been? I have to say since I've been gone, I've been sent so many so many dms asking if i was okay. So blessed to have you all. . . This smoothie 👇. 🌸 blue spirulina. 🌸 2 frozen bananas. 🌸 1/2 cup of almond milk. 🌸 2 T of coconut yogurt. . . . So nice to see all your beautiful creations again! . . . . Enjoy your night! 🌃. . . . __________________________________________________ #lilacs #smoothiebowl #smoothiebowls #spirulina #banana #nicecream #veganbowls #veganbowlsforvegansouls #plantbased #healthybreakfast #tastetherainbow #eatyourfruits #foodstylist #foodphotographer #glutenfreerecipes #dairyfree #vegansofinstagram #healthyeatinghabits #wholefoods #makesmewhole #feedfeed #kaylaitsines #beautifulcuisines #eatwellbewell #thefeedfeedvegan #eatforabs #girlswholift #bestofvegan @toneitup @kayla_itsines @thefeedfeed @bestofvegan @detox_recipes @smoothiebowl @smoothie_planet @smoothiebowls @thrivemags @beautifulcuisines

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Go vegan 🙌🏼 @ehvegan via @coconutbowls

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Werbung | Blue spirulina smoothie bowl topped with coconut chips, blueberries, hemp seeds, desiccated coconut, cacao nibs, banana and dried flowers. 🌼🤗 Happy Monday. ☺ . . . 🇩🇪 Guten Morgen ihr Lieben. 😊 Heute gibt es bei mir mal wieder eine blaue Bowl. Ich habe heute Morgen in meinem Gewürzschrank eine kleine Packung getrocknete Blüten wiederentdeckt. Kennt ihr das, wenn man beim Aufräumen Sachen wiederfindet, die man längst vergessen hatte? 🙈 Jedenfalls passen die Blümchen perfekt zur Jahreszeit. 🌼😊 Habt einen guten Start in die neue Woche. 🤗❤ . . . #smoothiebowl #smoothies #smoothie #Blaubeeren #gesundesfrühstück #gesundessen #frühstück #highprotein #hanfprotein #breakfastbowl #fruits #healthychoices #blueberries #vegansofig #vegan #veganfoodshare #veganfoodporn #veganfood #foodporn #superfood

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Dragon fruit, the most instagrammed fruit for the summer

Another super cool ingredient for summer 2018? That’s for sure Dragon Fruit, the most fashionable fruit of the moment. Called pitahaya, it’s famous for its purple skin and its texture, that is sometimes likened to that of the kiwifruit because of its black and crunchy seeds, and it’s rich of antioxidants. How to use it in our bowls? You can create some pearls with a spoon, or design some stars or flowers inside its pulp: they’ll always add that cool factor to your bowls!






Simple smoothies or real artworks? Smoothie bowls are the healthiest and most creative snack ever! Some of them are so beautiful that it’s a pity to eat them! They’re the perfect mix of super fruits, organic powders, seeds, flowers…and a tons of creativity!



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Iridescent Smoothie Bowl 🌈💖✨

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Good #morning lovelies ☀️💞 Today is again such a beautiful summery day 😍 Can‘t wait to go outside! But first I share w/ you the recipe for the #unicorn #bowl I had #breakfast 🦄💫 All you need for the #smoothie base is: 1 frozen, sliced #banana 🍌 200g frozen #pineapple 🍍 100ml #almondmilk 🥛 1 scoop #vanilla #protein powder @alphafoodsde ✨ 1-2 tsp pretty #pink 💖 & 1tbsp #plantbased #yoghurt 🍦For the swirls on top I mixed up some more yoghurt w/ magic #blue 💙 & #orange dunaliella @farbgeil 🧡 As topping I chose frozen #raspberries 🍓 #flowers 🌼 #quinoa seeds 🌾 #superfood bliss balls @foodistofficial covered with pink pitaya powder @jojufruits 💗 and #vegan #candy 🍭 MIX it. TOP it. SPOON it. LOVE it. 💖💙🧡 Hope you enjoyed your breakfast too and wish you a fab sunny day dears 😙💕💝 #rainbow #eattherainbow #smoothiebowl #smoothies #raw #rawvegan #flowerpower #tattoo #coconutbowl 🥥

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Ocean bowl 🌊🌊 @polishvegangirl

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How hungry are you? Luckily, smoothie bowls are beautiful to see but also super tasty and super healthy to eat! While we’re waiting to get in shape for our amazing new bikini, we can have a tasteful snack without regrets! What are you waiting for? Go straight to the kitchen and create your perfect smoothie bowl… and don’t forget to tell us your fave recipes on The Blonde Salad Instagram account!


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