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Naomi Rivieccio, singer and talent of the Italian X Factor, will be the Italian voice of Princess Jasmine in the super new Disney movie “Aladdin”…and we exclusively met her! Are you curious to find out a few news about her and the movie? Read our interview!


1) Naomi let’s start with the big news: You’ll sing the Italian versions of Princess Jasmine’s songs in the the “Aladdin” movie that will be in theaters from the 22nd of May (the 24th in the United States).  How did the collaboration with Disney started?

Everytime I think about it, it still gives me goosebumps! Everything started during the Italian premiere of “Mary Poppins returns”, a night that was already particularly magic: among the cherry tree’s petals and to the strains of the movie’s soundtrack, we talked for the first time about a live action retelling of “Aladdin” and it came out the chance for me to take part to the italian Jasmine’s songs auditions. If someone had told me about it some months ago, I would have thought it was a joke. Surprisingly, in less than a month a Disney princess that I truely love, will sing with my voice. I still can’t believe it.


2) Do you have any emotional connection with this movie? What it is about?

The original animated movie has always accompanied me, first of all because it was released in cinemas in 1992, my year of birth, and then because it has always been one of my favourites. “Aladdin” tells a story that is full of action, comedy, magic and love, with a sound that is absolutely overwhelming. I really couldn’t count all the times I sang as a baby “ A whole new world”, dreaming of a magic carpet that could lead me to undiscovered destinations! And today I’m part of this icredible scenary. It’s amazing.


3) Which are the characteristics that you like the most about Jasmine and do you have something in common with her?

I think that, among all the Disney’s Princesses, Jasmine is the most similar to me and my way of living. She’s an independent and strong girl, who fights for her freedom. She’s also very instinctive, brave and curious, she wants to explore the world and reaching goals for herself. Is a very modern princess, a feminine role model that I think babies and girls will appreciate. Moreover the actress that will star as Jasmine in the movie has my same name: Naomi!! Maybe it was meant to be…(she laughs)


4) Let’s talk a bit about music now: when did your passion for music start? Do you keep a particular memory of your childhood/adolescence that in some ways represents the beginning of your musical path?

Music has always characterized my life. My family has always been involved in the world of music, my mum is a singer and she has always taken me with her to rehearsals or concerts since I was 4. I can clearly remember that singing has always given me joy.


5) To differentiate you from many other talents, there’s your opera education. How did it started? Why did you decided later on to get closer to contemporary music?

I love pop music and I’ve always been very fascinated by all of its expressions. At 7 years old I started attending a singing course: I forced my mum to sign me up for it! When I was around 11, I took part to the choir of the San Carlo theater in Napoli. It has been an amazing experience, but properly for the characteristics that make it so special it is something that you need to leave behind growing up. At high school, a little bit to have fun a little bit to earn some money, I started singing in pubs, without ever stop studying. I have always wanted to have a solid technical foundation and I knew I could achieve it only with opera. After my graduation I started attending the conservatory and I took a degree in Opera house, but I knew that pop music was my path.


6) Tell us about X Factor: why did you decide to partecipate? Was it the first time that you took part to a talent show and what did you expect?

Sincerly speaking, I tried to take part to X Factor in 2009 for the first time. I was 17 years old and I introduced myself as a member of a cappella group. The audition didn’t go well but I still had the desire to try again, by myself this time. Last year I was in the middle of a crysis because I had no idea what my path was. I wanted to give a twist to my life and so I took again part to the auditions. I didn’t have many expectations, I didn’t even think about my look: maybe you can remember it, I was only wearing jeans and tee! When I started singing “Bang Bang” from Jessie J, the audience exploded. I could never expected such a reaction, to the point I ended up moved. I thought it was a one-time thing, but the audience has demonstrated me energy and warmth even when I sang “Ain’t No Other Man” from Christina Aguilera. These two performances have been fundamental to me, also to understand a lot about myself.


7) Which is the performance that you’ll never forget?

Surely the “Look at Me Now” from Busta Rhymes one, that I sang during the 6th live show. It was a little bit like being out of the ashes. I was in a particular moment of the show, where the anxiety about all the assignments and judgments took over and I started feeling like not singing anymore. To interpret this song I had to push over my limits and this gave me back all the enthusiasm I had at the auditions.


8) Fedez was your mentor in this path. What did you learn from him?

He’s an extraordinary person. I knew him as an artist and I’d loved to meet him as a person. He challenged himself totally trusting me, helping me to find out some sides of myself that I didn’t even know existed. He assigned me some rap songs knowing for sure that I would have been able to do them, when I couldn’t even imagine it. He’s a sensitive, human and empathic person, he lived every emotion with me.


9) Also Chiara has been one of your big supporters…

Obviously I was already following Chiara Ferragni and I found out with great surprise and honor, once I was outside the loft, how much did she support me in this path. Is a very sweet person and she gave me a lot of strenght.

10) How much did X Factor change your life?

I think that my life is always remained the same, even with a little bit more visibility. It has been a path that enriched me both humanly and professionally. I’m always the same Naomi, but with a little bit more of  certainties. Every day I have the chance to have more and more positive feedbacks about myself from people and this makes me want to work more doing all my best.


11)  What would you suggest to a girl who wants to follow the same path as you?

To study a lot, because having a little bit of certainty on the stage helps very much. But also to live it wild: X Factor is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where you can learn a lot from a professional team that is dedicated 100% to all of us. I would also suggest her to enjoy every moment, without ever leaving room to her fears.


12) If you had to choose a singer, group or musician from whom you have taken inspiration in these years, who would it be?

I love very much Jessie J, she’s an artist that I feel very close to my way of making music. In this period I listen a lot to soul music, but also Italian and American trap. The singers in my playlist? Eminem, Elisa…and Fedez of course!


13) In these months we saw you experiencing new hairstyles, make-up and always different looks…Do you like fashion?

I have to admit that, after my X Factor experience, maybe the situation got out of control! All kidding aside, I like a lot to wear fashionable clothes and follow the trends. I dyed my hair blonde for the first time in my life and I’d never thought it could give me so much confidence and a little bit more personality…I’m already thinking about new colours to try! I’m also experiecing with make-up because I just realized how much a good make-up can enhance me. Basically, I’m taking care of myself!


14) Three adjectives to describe yourself?

Tenacious, ironic, precise.

15) Some months ago the #10yearchallenge exploded on Instagram. We love to look forward and not in the past: where and how you’d love to be in ten years?

I’d love to see myself on a big stage, for example the one of a stadium or an arena one…to be honest, I hope to debut on a stage like those even before 2029! I hope to have an audience that loves me and I dream about a wonderful family.

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