Fashion - January 8, 2021

Bottega Veneta Has Quit Social Media But Why?

The proliferation of online interactions between the world of fashion and that of social networks is growing visibly, but you know, for every trend that imposes itself there are those who choose to go against the tide and, if it is as in this case, Bottega Veneta, the current could carry us all. The brand at the head of whose creative direction there is, since 2018, the nonconformist Daniel Lee, has literally bewitched the social media people in the last two years, imposing a new, sophisticated, elegant style and above all worthy of millions of likes. It therefore seems surreal that the brand has chosen to literally disappear from all its social platforms since last Tuesday, but actually it is! Ok now that you have had proof of it from your accounts, you will have noticed how the @bottegaveneta profile has disappeared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but why?

 Creative director Daniel Lee seemed to have already predicted what had happened. In an interview with Vogue Uk in October 2019, it was he who declared “It was nice to grow up in the pre-Instagram era: we had a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. I believe there will be a return to privacy. I really hope so”. Was it a spoiler? It seems that this desired return to privacy has in fact occurred and in the meantime everything is silent from the Maison. This 2020, however, has put a strain on the fashion business to the point that everyone, yes that’s right all without too much delay, have encouraged their online communication by investing not only on traditional channels but also on new platforms beloved by Generation Z such as TikTok and Twitch. Not to mention gaming, another universe that is imposing itself in fashion communication, of which names such as Valentino, GCDS, Balenciaga and many others are already ambassadors. It is very strange, you will understand, that Bottega Veneta has therefore chosen to abandon them permanently, could it just be a marketing move?


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The most curious claim that, in fact, that of Bottega Veneta is nothing more than the umpteenth marketing move of the genius of Daniel Lee waiting for a twist that will take place shortly. For now, what is known is that the brand, which has always distanced itself for example from online interactions with avatars and influencers in the flesh, seems to have reached the limit, deciding to literally disappear from social networks. In short, whether it is wanted or not, what is certain is that even after the disappearance of the social network, the brand is still making the people of the web talk a lot!

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