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Celebrity sisters: get inspired by the coolest!

How to create celebrity sisters: take some cool style, add a fabulous lifestyle and dozens of brands that adore them, then multiply for two. The result? A power couple with millions of followers, to always look at to take some inspiration for our style!


Actually, the fashion system seems to constantly look for sisters to celebrate: we see them together on runways, in front of the hottest photographers for glossy advertising and walking up and down red carpets, always hand in hand. And what about the thousands of images we find on social networks, where they share their mutual love with everyone?


Who are the hottest celebrity sisters? Here you are 5 couples…and a very special tercet!


Kendall e Kylie Jenner

The Jenners

They are the youngest and, for us, the coolest from the Kardashian clan. Very close to each other since they were kids (they also create their own fashion brand Kendall + Kylie), but with different styles: Kylie loves sexy and outrageous outfits, Kendall prefers to mix and match super classy pieces with vintage accessories and urban looks.



The Delevingnes

Let’s face it: Poppy and Cara were the very first celebrity sisters we fell in love with! The oldest is one of the designers favourite London socialites, the youngest is one of the most famous models if the Instagram generation and now she’s also an actress. Poppy always delights us with super posh looks, Cara usually prefers more casual and grunge styles when she’s down the runway.



The Hadids

The first is an icy brunette, the other is a blonde Cali beauty. Bella and Gigi Hadid are the most powerful fashion sisters and they also starred together in one of the latest Fendi‘s advertising. In their everyday life, they share a casual but cool style… and also the same accessories and clothes!



The Hills

Taylor Hill is one of the hottest top models right now, her little sister Mackinley is ready to walk in the same path. Maybe you still don’t know that she signed with IMG too… They also starred together for Karl Lagerfeld‘s brand. What an amazing start!



The Bells

A haircut (just for one of them) change their career. Ruth and May are among the coolest new faces since Maria Grazia Chiuri chose them for her first Dior advertising campaign. Ruth is the ultimate tomboy, May is more casual and street.



The Ferragnis

We couldn’t mention out favourite trio! The Ferragnis are so close to each other, but they’re so different with their outfits: Chiara surprises us every day with super contemporary looks and couture outfits, Valentina customizes her style with a young and romantic attitude, while Francesca has an amazing rock touch!


Discover our fave sisters in the gallery below!


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