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Saying that the impact of our wardrobes on the environment is a hot topic is now almost old-fashioned, but arguing that being old-fashioned is only the overestimated usage of polyester is a reality that all sooner or later will have to accept. Fortunately, the attention that consumers and brands have on the sustainability of the fashion system is always more, and today, at a time when it is the environment itself that calls for help, the change should be considered a must.

Technological progress offers us alternative solutions to old and dangerous microfibres, exploiting those that are wonders of nature to put them at the service of a fashion that is more and more attentive to the future of our planet.

The new zero-impact fibers are many and come from completely natural resources that we never thought could give life to boots, bags, t-shirts and coats that with the passing of the years we hope will become statements of our wardrobes.

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However, it is not only synthetic fibers that constitute a danger, but the leather industry too often plays a leading role in deforestation and pollution during tanning and dyeing processes. That’s why pineapples, apples, mushrooms, algae, grapes and spiders come into play for the creation of what will become the fibers of the future. Some examples are: the Pi├▒atex, an alternative natural leather derived from the leaves of the pineapple, the Apple Skin created for the most part in Bolzano and consisting of food industry’s waste materials to produce a material very similar to leather, The Econyl which is a regenerated nylon made from the fishing nets, the Microsilk produced by the ability of spiders to create resistant and elastic fibers and many others.

Vivienne Westwood and Stella Mccartney have stood out among the iconic brands of environmental respect. The first, avant-garde player for excellence, for years has been carrying out the slogan “buy less, choose well, make it last” to fight against the waste of clothing in an optics that is for the more superficial not business oriented but certainly winning from the moral and comunication points of view; as well as the Save The Artic campaign to which she dedicates an entire part of her collection. Stella McCartney instead is historically known to the most for the respect of animals exploited by the fashion industry, fighting for years for the protection of species by sustaining the research of new eco-materials. Edun, the famous luxury brand that was in the past part of the LVMH colossus, was founded in Africa with the aim of raising awareness among its buyers about minimizing the environmental impact of the fashion industry with organic, recyclable and generally sustainable materials. Richard Malone also brings eco-friendly collections to the catwalk, collaborating with weavers who develop production techniques from the wasting materials that increasingly pollute the oceans. And to those who uses the excuse that sustainability is paid at a high price, answers H & M, the Swedish giant that like few other members of fast fashion, dedicates to the environment an entire line: H & M Conscious that uses organic cotton, regenerated wool, linen , hemp, recycled polyester and tencel, the brand new fiber that recalls silk made with a 100% environmentally friendly process.

All those who claim that fashion is only synonymous with superficiality and unnecessary, will have to change their minds because basically, today more than ever, we can say that “fashion is not for dummies”.

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