Fashion - August 25, 2022

Gucci Exquisite: check out the new ad campaign

Gucci and its creative director Alessandro Michele today present the new ad campaign for the Exquisite collection. The story of a new and unprecedented parallel universe that tells the tale of cinema, at a time of year that is certainly not a foregone conclusion if we take into account the upcoming International Film Festival organised by the Venice Biennale.

Michele says he is fascinated by cinema, by the ability films have to transport us to new worlds.

“When I think of a dress, I never imagine it separate from the story and the life of the person wearing it. A dress, for me, is never just a piece of fabric, but rather the instrument through which we are able to narrate who we decide to be, to give shape to our desires and the ultimate sense of our being”.

Alessandro Michele, creative director of the Italian fashion house Gucci

It is no coincidence that the designer, the creative head of the fashion house founded in Florence in 1921, imagines his collections as if they were films. His clothes are in fact full of content, between past, present and future, but above all capable of telling many different stories. With the new advertising campaign for the Exquisite collection, Gucci and Alessandro Michele pay homage to the cinema and to the master director Stanley Kubrick, who won the 1969 Oscar for the special effects in his film A Space Odyssey.



Appropriating the art of a model filmmaker like Kubrick, Alessandro Michele reworks the creative vision of the American director and immerses it in his gucciness vibe. There are many references to Stanley Kubrick’s films, from Barry Lyndon to The Shining, Eyes Winelivery Shut, to the Nineties shoes that appear in some frames of A Clockwork Orange. It is not always easy to understand Alessandro Michele’s imagery, and even in this campaign, his complex transfigurations on the level of meaning are transformed into immediate access on the level of experience.


At the end, however, says Alessandro Michele, it is clothes that seem to come closer to life. They become able to tell stories, to conquer, torture and enchant us. Each of these stories is the story of that human that dwells within each of us.


Team Credits:

Creative Director Alessandro Michele

Art Director Christopher Simmonds

Photographers & Directors Mert & Marcus

Make up Thomas De Kluyver

Hair Paul Hanlon

Music credits:

“Title Music from A Clockwork Orange”

(from Purcell’s “Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary”, arr. by Wendy Carlos)

Written and performed by Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind

Published by Tempi Music

Performing Rights: BMI

Courtesy of Serendip LLC

“Clockworks (Bloody Elevators)”

Written and performed by Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind

Published by Tempi Music

Performing Rights: BMI

Courtesy of Serendip LLC

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